Cozy Bungalow Homes That Will Make You Want to Move

Are you ready for some bungalow eye candy? Some of you know that I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin last weekend and wow! Right now it’s my favorite small city. I have more posts to come about the trip (that I think you’ll enjoy), but today I want to focus on all of the cozy bungalow homes nestled on the tree-lined streets near Lake Monona. I think it’s a perfect way to celebrate Cozy Living Saturday because each house is cozier than the next!

Blue and White Craftsman Style Bungalow in Madison, Wisconsin


Since it’s Cozy Living Saturday, which is always the first Saturday of each month, my cozy blogging friends are sharing inspiration of their own. You’ll find their links at the end of the post. You don’t want to miss them!

October is the perfect month to get out for a stroll and enjoy the cooler weather, and it’s something I love doing throughout the fall season. I’m calling this area of Madison that we explored the “bungalow block” because there’s an abundance of this style of architecture just one block north of Lake Monona.

Bungalow Block in Madison, Wisconsin, near Lake Monoma


You won’t find any cookie cutter homes in this charming, quiet neighborhood. Each one is different and each one shows pride of ownership.

Dark blue cozy bungalow home in Madison


A variety of exterior home colors keeps the streets interesting. There’s no sea of taupe and gray homes like we have here in many of the new neighborhoods in the suburbs of Chicago. I like that owners often opted for bold colors to create cheery curb appeal.

Bright Green Craftsman Home in Wisconsin


One thing hubby and I noticed about the homes of Madison is that many of them turned their front lawns into gardens, often filled to the brim with flowers and vegetables. Opting for gardens instead of grass is a more sustainable solution to help control rainwater run-off, so I like the green aspect of front yard gardening.

Unique Craftsman Home Near Lake Monona


Many of the cozy bungalow homes display more than the standard two-color approach to a home’s exterior. This one features five different colors. I love the shade of plum on the second level of this charmer.

Street full of bungalows in Madison, Wisconsin


Wouldn’t you love to take a tour of each one? It’d be fun to see inside the foyer of this small home. And if by chance anyone from Madison reads this and lives in this neighborhood of craftsman-style homes, please leave a comment below and let me know!

Blue bungalow - Sears kit home in Wisconsin


Here’s yet another front yard turned into a garden. I love the bay window and the small arched window on the left.

Brick bungalow on tree-lined street


Arched doors and windows are frequently seen around the neighborhood. Note the back door with a round window on this beautiful home. And if you look carefully, you’ll see pretty detailing in the glass of the front door and flanking windows.

Blue and Brick Bungalow on Small City Lot


Most people don’t like to paint, but I think it would be fun to paint any of these bungalows. Choosing colors and then cutting in the trim by hand – it’s like creating a piece of artwork.

Cozy Bungalow Home with Garden in Front Yard


This home is located on a corner and is facing diagonally toward the corner of the block, which was unique and interesting. I didn’t see any other homes placed cattywampus like this.

Cozy Bungalow Home on a Street Corner in Madison


Parked on the street in front of the house was this eye-catching, vintage car! Love it! The car adds ambience to the neighborhood.

Vintage Car Parked on Street


If I were to retire to Madison, I’d want to live here on one of the bungalow blocks. It’s like a slice of Americana that you’d see on an old television show. Everyone was friendly and neighbors were talking to each other. One gentleman even stopped to help us identify a flower even though it wasn’t in his own yard and he had a bag of heavy dog food under one arm. It really felt like small town utopia.

Bungalow House with Flower Box and Arched Door


Look at the apple tree in the front yard – and the pretty pink geraniums on the front stoop.

Madison Craftsman Home


Cream and blue small bungalow


This house with its trio of arched windows is one of my favorites, although I do love them all.

Arched Windows on a Craftsman Style Home


And just when you think this section of Madison couldn’t get any better, just a block away are views like this all down the street that circles Lake Monona. There are plenty of public access points for the neighbors to enjoy. Most waterfront property tends to be private and the homes are big and expensive, but not here. This area was really refreshing to discover and explore.

Public Access to Lake Monona in Wisconsin


I could’ve taken endless photos of cozy bungalow homes. Well, I did take more photos but I’ll share them in a future post. I do love the town of Madison and if you live there, you’re very lucky!


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  1. Al these homes are charming. Thank you for sharing these photos. Madison sounds like a great town to visit.

  2. These bungalows are charming! We don’t really have this stye here in New England and I really enjoyed seeing them on your blog. It was fun to have an autumn stroll with you xx

  3. Another fabulous walking tour with you. These cuties were exceptional and your eye for charm was spot on. Choosing one over another is difficult, but gables and arched anything gets me every time.

  4. Think I’ve mentioned that we helped move our son to Madison for Grad school in August and I fell in love with Madison. There are a variety of surrounding neighborhoods that also are nice and the city itself is great. I love the craftsman style and all these homes are have such character. One of the first things I also noticed were the gardens in the front yards. We saw many that had almost the entire front filled with wildflowers. So pretty! For two of the nights, we stayed at an airbnb in McFarland one block off of Lake Waubesa which was also so pretty. If I were in a position to move, Madison would be a serious consideration. Enjoyed this post.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful stroll through this lovely neighborhood. So proud that they take pride in keeping their homes kept so well. I know you had a great time.

  6. How pretty to live in a neighborhood of interesting paint colors, so artistic. There is a wonderful feeling of nostalgia to walk down a street like this. It has happened to us numerous times and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but so lovely. I have to admit, I am so accustomed to big open spaces with high ceilings and large windows it would be a real challenge to go to a little cottage, but there is something about it.

  7. I live in Madison and am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your time here, Jennifer. My favorite bungalow is the vibrant green one, #4. Too often I take my beautiful home, neighborhood, and city for granted and your posts have reminded me to savor the blessings I have. It’s very cool to see the place I live through someone else’s eyes. Happy Fall everyone!