Bungalow House: An American Classic

One of my favorite home exteriors is a bungalow house. The first home I ever purchased as an adult was a Sears kit catalog bungalow. The minute I stepped inside the doorway with the realtor I knew I needed to call it my own. One day I'll go back and take a photo of it to share with you. But for now, I'm sharing a roundup of adorable bungalows that I found on Houzz. Tell me if you love these charmers as much as I do! Photo by Cottage Company of … [Read more...]

Crystal Lake Historic Homes

This past weekend hubby and I took a trip to Crystal Lake, Illinois. It's a medium-sized, quaint town that surrounds a serene lake with breezy sailboats and lazy sunbathers. We explored the neighborhoods lined with beautiful historic homes. The first house that caught my eye was this adorable blue bungalow with a sweet green door. I think the homeowner chose the perfect color scheme for their pretty dwelling.   A stately farmhouse bears … [Read more...]

Historic Homes: Geneva, Illinois

Many of you, my readers, have told me how much you love my walking tours around neighborhoods that showcase beautiful homes. I typically focus on older homes because I find them unique and charming. But someday I'll feature newer homes so you can see the variety of architecture in my corner of the world. Today we're enjoy a tour of historic homes in my favorite town of Geneva, Illinois (my birthplace). I've admired this blue clapboard Victorian … [Read more...]

Historic Homes in Wheaton, Illinois

One of the many benefits of living in the Chicago area is the diverse architecture you'll find as you pass from neighborhood to neighborhood. It's no secret my favorite places to walk are historic districts with their magnificent homes. I love the details you find on these old and charming beauties. Today's walking tour features historic homes in Wheaton, Illinois - home of Wheaton College and the famed Billy Graham Center. This lovely home … [Read more...]

Historic Homes of Geneva, Illinois

Easter weekend brought fabulous weather to our neck of the woods with sunshine and warm breezes. Mind you, we sometimes have snow on Easter Sunday. But it was so nice out that we took a walk in my home town of Geneva, Illinois before heading over to my sister's house for dinner. The historic homes are beautiful and I never tire of admiring them. Some of the older homes in Geneva have been converted to stores or offices. I love this old stone … [Read more...]

Charming Older Homes in Riverside, Illinois

Last weekend was my grandson's first birthday! My daughter decided on a lumberjack party theme and rented a little log cabin in Riverside, Illinois. It was such a cute party and I took lots of pictures which I'll share in a future post. After the party, hubby and I toured the tree-lined streets and of course I had to snap photos of the charming older homes. I love me a red house, and a gorgeous Victorian charmer is right up my alley! So much … [Read more...]

Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry: A Giveaway

Want to take a vacation right from the comfort of your own home? Today I'm giving away a beautiful book with gorgeous photos of homes and gardens in the lowcountry region. I've flipped through the pages of this hardcover book and thoroughly enjoyed all the architecture and vegetation that the Southeast has to offer.  I've visited Charleston, South Carolina and the lowcountry is one of my favorite areas. Take a peek inside the pages of Historic … [Read more...]

Charming Old Homes in St. Charles

Two weeks ago I took you through a tour of the Pottawatomie district of St. Charles, Illinois. Today we're finishing the tour with a few more charming old homes in the area. You'll see a mix of brick, clapboard, small, and spacious homes. My husband calls this part of St. Charles an "idyllic place to live" and I do believe he's right. This beautiful Victorian has been updated and is a shining star at the top of the hill. Down below flows the … [Read more...]

Walking Tour of St. Charles Illinois

Some of you may know that I'm training for a half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. I've run them before, but they're always a challenge even if you're familiar with them. I do love the training, but running can be hard at times. What I love even more is walking. Walking lets you take in the sights more easily than when you're running, and recently hubby and I took a walking tour of St. Charles, Illinois. We chose the Pottawatomie Park area of town, … [Read more...]

Take a Walking Tour of Ottawa Illinois

Illinois is dotted with river and rail towns filled with beautiful architecture from days gone past. I love the variety of historic homes across the Land of Lincoln and enjoy exploring these little towns that are nestled near venues of transportation in the 1800s, such as rivers and railroad tracks. We recently visited the bustling town of Ottawa, tucked along the shores of the Illinois River. I'd love for you to take a walking tour of this … [Read more...]

Historic District of Sycamore Illinois

A couple weeks ago I took you on a walk with me along the tree-lined streets of Sycamore, Illinois. Today we're taking another walk through the beautiful historic district of this charming little town. I'm such a huge fan of quaint architecture and if you follow my blog, I'm guessing you enjoy it as much as I do. This stunning home might look new, but it's not. It's lovingly and perfectly restored. An expansive porch is always a prized … [Read more...]

Historic Homes of Sycamore Illinois

Almost 6 months has passed since my last walking tour of historic homes. I enjoy taking walks through historic districts, but I don't always remember to grab my camera. Today I'm really happy to share beautiful historic homes from the quaint town of Sycamore, Illinois. I snapped tons of photos and need to split them into two blog posts ... so double the pleasure! An early morning walk down Somonauk Street afforded me plenty of eye candy as … [Read more...]

More Historic Homes in St. Charles, Illinois

Last week I took you on part of my walk through one of the historic neighborhoods in St. Charles, Illinois. This week I'm sharing the rest of that walk with you. You'll see mostly bungalow style homes on this part of the tour, but I've added a couple others too. St. Charles is right next door to Geneva, which is the town where I was born and grew up. I had several friends in St. Charles and know the neighborhoods very well. In fact, the second … [Read more...]

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