Christmas Decorating: Front Doors

One of the easiest Christmas decorating projects is the front door. A favorite wreath, a holiday bough, maybe even a pair of ice skates have graced your own front door for the holidays. Here’s a few ideas in case you haven’t decorated your door yet.

A very full wreath adorns a blue Victorian door. When a wreath is this plump, it really doesn’t need a lot of bling – just a simple bow will do.

Turquoise Front Door with Live Christmas WreathPhoto by Rikki Snyder


A cute yellow cottage enjoys a wreath on its dark green door with a bough overhead.

Yellow Cottage with Dark Green Door Decorated for ChristmasPhoto by Rikki Snyder


Red is the perfect front door color for Christmas decorating. The glow of holiday lights can be seen on the tree just beyond the glass window.

Red Front Door with Green WreathPhoto by Rikki Snyder


A neutral door looks equally festive with an over-sized wreath.

Arts and Crafts Front Door with Large WreathPhoto by Jules Duffy Designs


Purple ornaments on a green wreath are the perfect complement to a front door painted dark gray.

Gray Front Door with Holiday WreathPhoto by Emma Green Design


If you’re a fan of color at Christmas, you might enjoy this festive wreath with beaded faux fruit. It reminds me of the little marzipan candies that are so popular during the holiday season.

Colorful Wreath on White Barn Door



A brick red door enjoys a large wreath decorated with pine cones and a couple of bows.

Traditional Front Holiday DoorPhoto by Your Space By Design


A star-shaped mini pine cone wreath is layered over an evergreen wreath. A glittery white star finishes off the look.

Full Rustic Christmas Wreath with StarsBy Holly Marder Delft


Snow will always create a Christmas feeling. A bright blue door makes it easy to find your home in the midst of a snow storm. The wreath looks like it’s flocked with all the snow accumulation.

Bright Blue Arched Front Door in WinterPhoto by The Impatient Gardener


A red historic home goes festive with a blue door Christmas garland.

New England Christmas EntrywayPhoto by Rikki Snyder


A single ice skate filled with Christmas greens creates a unique alternative to the classic wreath.

Ice Skates on Front DoorPhoto by Barbara Pintozzi


I snapped this photo while walking around my home town of Geneva, Illinois. The front door wears no wreath, but the porch enjoys plenty of holiday trimmings.

Christmas Porch in Geneva, IL



A few years ago I hung my pine cone wreath on the front door to complete my Christmas decorating. This year chose a simple live wreath from the garden center.

Pine Cone Christmas Wreath

What goes on your front door for the holidays? A wreath, a bough, or something different?





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  1. Last year I used my childhood sled (more than 50 years old—yikes!) propped up next to my front door with a pair of vintage ice skates and some greenery laying over the top. it was fun to use something from my Christmases past to decorate our front porch.

  2. Hi1 The second picture shows a hanging bell decorated for Christmas to the left of the door. Do you know any sources where I can find that bell? I would love to have a few of those. Thank you

  3. I am loving idea of prior commentor who used her childhood sled and skates with greenery. All the wreaths along with doors they were on are incredible,love them all.

  4. I too enjoyed all the wreaths you shared. Our front door has a large oval window. It is quite decorative. I can’t bring myself to cover it. I instead, decorate on the sides of the door entry and hang my wreath inside the entry way on a coat rack!

  5. My favorite thing to decorate is my front door. It can make or break a house but doesn’t have to be extensive and costly. A simple green wreath or pretty paint color can make a huge welcoming statement. The first turquoise blue door is so unique in its framing, lovely. The snow covered entry makes me want hot chocolate and Hallmark movies. I could look at front doors all day. So inspiring! I tried to Pin this but for some reason I couldn’t. I took photos on my phone to save though. Great share Jennifer:0)

  6. They were all so beautiful and hard to decide, i did pin it and hope to get inspiration. I do like to change my front door up from year to year.

  7. That is some wonderful door decorating inspiration. I love the white house with the bright blue door and the blowing snow. We are actually getting a new front door on Friday. One similar to the red door in the third picture down. I am decorating in retro vintage this year, so I will probably use a silver tinsel wreath with vintage balls. Have a wonderful week, Jennifer.

  8. I loved all the wreaths and especially liked the little bell in picture 2. I usually do a wreath that I’ve made. It is hard to really do anything fancy living in a condo. I’m in the process of moving right now so this year there is no decorating, baking, and my poor DIL has to make Christmas dinner ( she has never done one and feels a little intimidated), with my family all spread out in their respective homes it will be a small affair anyways. I must admit though it does feel really weird not doing all my usual Christmas things.

  9. Great ideas. I have a goal – One of these days, I’m going to do something so fabulous that you find it and put it on your blog. 🙂 I always love the ideas you gather. Such great inspiration! Merry Christmas