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Enjoy a Stunning Modern Glam Christmas Home Tour

What a treat I have in store for you today! I think you’re going to love this modern glam Christmas home tour by Grace + Polish that’s decked out in soft colors and a bit of subtle sparkle. If you prefer a softer style Christmas in pastel tones, this home is right up your alley!

modern glam Christmas treePhoto by Grace + Polish


The elegant living room wears shades of pale gray and pink. Tufted furniture gives it a luxurious vibe. The modern glam style reminds me of old Hollywood – almost like you’d see this in an old movie with Rock Hudson and Doris Day.

transitional living room in pastels at ChristmasPhoto by Grace + Polish


Normally I’m not much of a modern mirror person, but the mirror subway tile on the fireplace surround has captured my heart. It looks perfect in this modern glam Christmas home. 

transitional living room in pastels at ChristmasPhoto by Grace + Polish


And of course, you want to enjoy pink martinis in this elegant living room! I don’t even drink martinis but this room makes me want one. This home is the perfect place for a glamorous Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

pink martinis in luxurious living roomPhoto by Grace + Polish


An antique sideboard is decorated with shiny Christmas trees and holiday stars. The lamps have a convenient snowman shape, don’t you think? The vintage sideboard has beautiful details. 

holiday decorations in dining roomPhoto by Grace + Polish


I think my daughter Stephanie would love this modern glam home. She loves the color pink. 

modern glam Christmas treePhoto by Grace + Polish


The French country style dining room doesn’t disappoint either. A more modern wallpaper graces the walls with beautiful white-trimmed, mullioned windows. Beaded chandeliers and flowing drapes add to the elegant feminine vibe. And the flower arrangement is stunning!

glamorous French country dining roomPhoto by Grace + Polish


The beautifully elegant floral centerpiece is worthy of a wedding reception. The pops of jewel-toned flowers lend an air of drama.

glamorous French country dining roomPhoto by Grace + Polish


More metallic Christmas trees decorate the kitchen island.

white transitional kitchenPhoto by Grace + Polish


Even the hood vent gets festive with a touch of green garland.

white transitional kitchenPhoto by Grace + Polish


A fireplace lined with burning candles lends warmth to the modern glam Christmas dining room. The rose painting is perfect for this space.

modern glam christmas in a breakfast nookPhoto by Grace + Polish


Fresh garlands tied with rose-colored ribbons adorn the curved staircase in the foyer while a cypress Christmas tree adds a bit of twinkle and sparkle.

grand staircase decorated with Christmas garlandPhoto by Grace + Polish


I hope you enjoyed this modern glam Christmas home by Grace + Polish as much as I did. It puts me in the mood to watch a classic movie like White Christmas.


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  1. Wow! If I was going to go Glam, this is how I would do it. Next time around I might have to get a roundish sofa like the gorgeous one shown in this home. And that mirrored fireplace surround was so fun! Beautiful home. Well done!

  2. WOW is right, and so were you when you said it reminds you of old Hollywood. Yes, that fireplace surround is to die for. The entire house is just gorgeous. Thank you, Jennifer, for this wonderful tour. It certainly was a treat.

  3. Beautiful home tour. Love the flocked tree. I have a tour too. Hope you come by, if you have some time.
    Happy Christmas season.

  4. It was glamourous and loved the colors but I’m more farmhouse than glamour but love to look. Have a safe and fun time.

  5. Usually I don’t care for modern, but this really floated my boat. Maybe mentioning a Rock Hudson – Doris Day movie did it.

  6. No more Xmas!! It is just Veterans Day. As a female Army veteran, I was disappointed- no bloggers about how to show up at cemeteries, services or even at home, to remember those who have dedicated themselves to our armed services.
    It isn’t that close to Thanksgiving, and we are already onto Xmas (not everyone is Xtian in our great democracy) and even seeing posts on how to move on to winter/spring decor. Please, can we just have fall and early winter, celebrate the winter solstice. enjoy each day, rather than be constantly on to the next marketing opportunity.

    1. Susan, THANK YOU, for your Military Service. My husband too, is a Veteran, and we enjoyed the day, and evening with other Veteran friends. And like you, I also believe we should get back to enjoying the seasons, each day, and each designated holiday to the fullest, before moving on to the next. Certainly, Christmas in particular, has become a circus with debt and stress at the core of it

  7. Love the house, it is very much me and I agree with Danielle that it is a great tree. Where I live in Australia, Christmas has come early . Normally I would be saying it is too early, but this year has been a hard year for the global family with much of the misery going to follow us into the new year so let’s get those decorations up, put extra tinsel on the tree, drink pink martinis and sparkle for the next few weeks.

    1. I love the classy glam!! Just the right amount!!Thanks for helping me deide to go with a touch of blush on my white tree!! Sandy V from south Texas