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Country Blue Farmhouse Kitchen with Heart and Soul

Do you remember back in the 80s when country blue was a wildly popular color? That was about the time I switched my decorating style from a cool Zen Asian style to comfortable country. Today we’re touring a pretty country blue farmhouse kitchen by Hill Farm Furniture with classic features that will warm your heart.

country blue farmhouse kitchenPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Blue and white tiles line up in quilting fashion to create an interesting backdrop for the beautiful stove. 

blue and white tiles above vintage kitchen stovePhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Large gray floor tiles pair well with the country blue painted kitchen furniture and wood finishes. The blue-gray paint color is Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball.

country blue farmhouse kitchen with tile floorPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Did you ever have this shade of blue in your home? I had cabinets painted this color in my first house – a Sears catalog home.

country blue kitchen cabinetsPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Even the Roman shades in this farmhouse kitchen pick up a touch of blue in the form of stripes.

country blue farmhouse kitchenPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


I love that bits of natural wood make an appearance in today’s country blue farmhouse kitchen. A simple school clock above the wood door gives a subtle nod to nostalgia.

traditional farmhouse kitchen with painted cabinetsPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


What do you think of today’s country blue farmhouse kitchen by Hill Farm Furniture?


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  1. Oh my word do I remember! Nooooo!!! We surely haven’t made the circle back to country blue already!!!! This generation will think it’s something brand new!

  2. The blue is pretty. Maybe it’s a wedge wood blue, a little grey has been added…… What ever, it’s pretty. I can’t figure out what is on the burners of the range. The teakettle is on one.

  3. I remember the blue well, lol. I love this kitchen but I’d like it better if it was that new blue which is this color but lighter and maybe a little more grey in it. Still, I’d take this kitchen in a heartbeat. Mine is just awful, makes the the whole house look bad so this would be a dream kitchen for me! I especially love it with those large grey tiles, just beautiful!

  4. I love it. You know we all get caught up in “what’s in style”. Don’t get me wrong. I like that too. But if you are making BIG design decisions, I want something I love. Not for the moment, or a year. But 10 years. We want our home to be who we are. Never mind what someone else is doing. What do you love?

  5. I love this! I am in the process of adding color in my kitchen. I have already added a dark blue furniture piece as my coffee bar and would love to know the color on the base cabinets in the photos, it’s exactly what I am looking for. Any suggestions on what this paint color might be?

  6. Very nice. I really love the older pine doors, have always had a fondness for washed out pine anything.I enjoy seeing all the new colors and how they are used, but personally need a lot of restful ivory and similar neural shades with a little black. It is so easy to add color with seasonal decor.