Country Living Fair in Ohio – Part One

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of going to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Let me just say that Country Living magazine has been my fave magazine for at least 25 years, so when the opportunity to go to the Fair came to fruition, I couldn’t wait! Hubby tagged along and we made a weekend of it. I took so many photos that I’ve decided to divide them into two posts.

Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH via Town and Country LivingThe fair was held on the grounds of Ohio Village which has several historic buildings on the property. The setting added a lot of character to the entire event, but I’m saving most of those buildings for the second post that I write. Notice all the men in this photo? There’s a blacksmith demonstration going on to the right … thus the gathering of men!


Country Living Fair in Columbus, OHWe arrived at the Country Living Fair around 10 am, shortly after it opened. The “streets” weren’t crowded yet, but it got worse as the day went on, making it more challenging to get good photos. I love all the Country Living banners hanging on the street posts!


Vendor Booth at the Country Living Fair in OhioIt seemed to me like there were hundreds of vendors at the fair and reminded me of our local flea market, but a bit classier. I’m lovin’ the boardwalk sidewalks, which is what we have leading to the front door of our home.


Vendor booth at Country Living FairThere was no end to the vintage items and eye candy.  Lots of ironstone, but I thought most of it was over-priced compared to what I would pay for it at home. I did pick up some vintage aqua bottles, however.


Refreshment stand at Country Living Fair in Columbus, OhioThis little cobbler stand didn’t have too many customers first thing in the morning, but when we passed it on our way out, the line wrapped around the outside of this white picket fence!


Country Living Fair at Ohio VillageVendor booths and refreshment stands were set up in the yards of the historic village. This place was hoppin’ all day long!


Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio via Town and Country LivingI’m a marketing person and had to take photos of all the banners that branded the event.


Country Living Fair at Ohio Village

Banners showing past magazine covers were everywhere, like the one on this kiosk.

Glamper at the Country Living Fair in OhioA trio of these little glampers were on display. The women travel together and you can tell they have a blast, finding new adventures at every turn of the road!


Floral display at the Country Living Fair in OhioThe Country Living Fair was beautifully adorned with vignettes like this one.


Autumn Floral Display at the Country Living Fair Isn’t this a beautiful autumn floral display?


Galvanized watering cans at the Country Living Fair in OhioI wish these galvanized watering cans and chippy blue chest were for sale!


Century Artisan Soap sign at Country Living FairI also wish this vendor’s display sign was for sale. Hmm … maybe I can re-create it!


Lemonade Stand at the Country Living FairI fell in love with this citrusy yellow lemonade stand! Could it be any cuter?


Country Living editor with bloggers at Country Living FairWhile at the Country Living Fair, we had a Hometalk Meet-up with fellow bloggers and editors from Country Living magazine.  Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Gray is third from the left in the back row. Rachel DeSchepper, senior web editor is 5th from the left in the back row. That’s me on the left in the front row. It was great meeting these ladies in person!


Cari Cucksey of HGTV at Country Living FairSarah Gray walked us over to meet Cari Cucksey of the Cash and Cari Show on HGTV. She talked about her furniture refinishing projects. Have you seen her show?


Country Living Fair at Ohio VillageWe had a wonderful time at the Country Living Fair and the weather cooperated beautifully.  In my second post, I’ll include photos of the buildings, both inside and out. If you like historic homes, you’ll want to see it!

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  1. Linda, these are great photos of the Country Living fair. You and your husband must have had a fun day. One day I will make it to one of these fairs. Until then, I’m enjoying the fair through your eyes (camera lens.)


  2. Oh,Girl! So glad you went! I’ve gone to the one that comes in October here in Georgia for the past couple of years – so looking forward to going again this year – It’s a blast and soooo much inspiration!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Wow, Jennifer – You were only about 20 minutes or so from my house when you were at the fair. I went to it a few years ago and really enjoyed it but I did think a lot of things were pretty pricey and it got really crowded in the afternoon. But I definitely enjoyed a yummy peach cobbler before I left. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is fun to see all of the creativity and vintage goodies!!

  4. I went a couple of years ago, and your pictures make me want to go back! I thought everything was overpriced, too, but it was fun. We kept hearing about a great antique sale nearby at Springfield, Ohio, but didn’t have time to stop. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. Hi Jennifer! Just found your post and love your photos and descriptions. You really caught the feel of the Fair! I am the designer of that soap sign that you covet, and I have to tell you that the logo and name are registered trademarks of my business… However, enough people at the Columbus AND at the Atlanta Fairs have mentioned that they want to purchase the sign that we are considering creating some for sale. Would you really want one that big? Glad you like it!

  6. Hi! Does anyone know the Columbus Country Living Fair vendor who sold cabinet paint? Their sample cabinet doors looked great and the sign said no sanding or scraping required. I wish I would have picked up a brochure…