Create a Garden Table Setting with Impatiens

Our volatile spring weather here in Illinois has hammered an ache in my heart for the smell of dirt and fresh mown lawns. One day we suffer widespread flooding due to torrential rain, and the next day we’re pummeled with snow and sleet. Mother Nature’s wrathful confusion drove me to Shady Hill Gardens this weekend for some much needed relief and therapy. I simply wanted to stroll the aisles of the greenhouse to absorb the warmth and riotous colors of flowers spilling out of their trays and pots. Each one begged me to take it home but the loudest chorus was coming from the back of the greenhouse where the impatiens are tucked away. Now mind you, I had no intention of taking home any bedding plants because it’s simply too early … but those lovely impatiens were on sale at $10 off each flat … and the sale was for this weekend only!

Impatiens at Table SettingI quickly grabbed 6 flats of impatiens. They are my absolute favorite garden flower so how could I resist? I figure I can keep them in the house at night until the temps rise to 50 degrees and remain there consistently.


Pink ImpatiensWhile gazing at their delicate loveliness the creative juices started flowing and I thought how cute they’d look in the little white ironstone bowls I recently scored at the Kane County Flea Market.


Pink and Salmon ImpatiensAnd wouldn’t those flower-filled bowls look amazing on our white farmhouse dining table?  One thing led to another and before you know it, I was setting a simple garden  themed tablescape.


Topiary Wreath My first thought was to plant all 5 ironstone bowls with the impatiens and line them up for a centerpiece, but that seemed the obvious thing to do so I decided to use them at each individual place setting and add some greenery by placing a topiary wreath at center stage.


White ImpatiensWhite impatiens are my favorite but they’ve become increasingly hard to find. For some reason garden centers stock more of the colored impatiens. I think white looks so crisp mixed in with the colors.


Coral ImpatiensA word of caution when it comes to impatiens. They are currently besieged across the country with Impatiens Downy Mildew, an airborne disease that causes all the leaves and flowers to drop off. So far our area has not been affected by this horrible plight.


Garden Party Table SettingFor more than 20 years impatiens have dominated my shady garden beds. I plant hundreds every year and they never fail to disappoint me. Extremely easy to grow, they do well in shade and provide gorgeous color well into the fall. I’ve had impatiens growing heartily in my garden as late as October. A good frost will kill them though.


Pink ImpatiensIf downy mildew attacks our impatiens, I will be truly be devastated. The mildew gets into the soil and once infected, it’s best not to plant the impatiens again. I’ll be at a loss because Begonias and New Guinea Impatiens simply aren’t show-stoppers like Impatiens.


Coral ImpatiensSo I hold onto hope and will infuse my garden beds and flower boxes with these robust little flowers this year. Mother’s Day weekend is typically the time when I find it safe to plant annuals in our area so I’ll need to protect these lovelies for just a couple more weeks.


Topiary wreathNow I’m thinking I should get a few more of those flats on sale. Due to the outbreak of Impatiens Downy Mildew, you need to purchase your impatiens from a reputable garden center to ensure they aren’t infected.


Garden Party Dining TableI’m lovin’ the pops of color the impatiens bring to our farmhouse dining table. Once the weather warms up, they’ll be transplanted outside in our flower boxes and garden beds. For now, they’re filling that void in my heart that yearns for the warmer days of spring and sunshine!

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  1. What a cute idea! I’m going to be watching my thrift shop for some cute bowls and/or teacups for planting flowers in the house!

  2. It all looks so cute. I want to come over and just sit at your pretty table and take in the flowers. I love impatiens too. I put them in my flower beds. I hope we see summer or some kind of nice weather soon. It gets nice for a day and then back to cold. Ughhhh ok already let’s be done with cold!!!!

  3. I love strolling through the isles of a garden center! Can’t wait to get out and stroll through ours.Your tablescape is lovely with your flowers.
    Sorry that you flooded glad you are all well.

  4. That is the most cutest arrangement. What a wonderful idea and that would brighten the dreariest days. You settings look so cheery . Can’t go wrong ever with impatiens. I will need to get me some soon for my hanging baskets.

  5. What a charming tablescape you created, and impatiens are one of my favs, too. I also love periwinkles, which look a lot like the impatiens. They also come in a variety of colors. Happy springtime!

  6. Love your impatiens on your garden style table… Impatiens have been hardy plants that survive the high heat of north Texas summers so I will be very sad if the Impatiens Downy Mildew strikes here.

    Thank you for the lovely table.


  7. So pretty! I love the bowls of colour on your white table. I love impatiens and plant a lot of them as well in our shady yard. However, this year we’re having 10 trees cut down so there won’t be as much shade!! I’m glad for more sun in the yard and will try to find some spots for the sweet impatiens. Blessings, Pamela

  8. Your table is so pretty! What a cute idea to warm your heart during these “iffy” spring days! You scored a really great deal…here in Chicago they can run up to $14.00 a flat. I’m not crazy about the quality and selection of flowers at the big box stores so I either bite the bullet And go to my favorite nursery, or buy them in Michigan near our lake home where they are much more reasonably priced.


  9. Impatiens are my go-to flower. I plant them every year. What type of plant do you have in your topiary? I am having the hardest time growing my ivy topiary.