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Fresh Spring Dining Nook: How To

Create a fresh spring dining nook with beneficial houseplants and a simple table throw. The look is effortless and organic.

Spring Dining Nook Freshened with Houseplants


This is the second day of the Styled + Set spring tour hosted by Lory at Designthusiasm. A special welcome to those of you coming from Shabbyfufu. I’ve always loved Janet’s soft and classy style!

In case you haven’t noticed already, my home decor is changing from light and white to cozy and earthy. So when it came to creating a spring dining nook, my choices were obvious.

Spring Table Setting in Neutral Tones with Houseplants


A single houseplant, a gorgeous Dracaena Florida Beauty in an equally beautiful gray planter, serves as the centerpiece for my spring dining nook. I just love this plant and it’s super easy to grow.

Draceana Florida Beauty in Gray Garden Pot


The kitchen might just be the one room in our home that I keep light and bright. I like walking into a cheery kitchen with lots of natural light. Plus I’m afraid that any color will compete with the flooring and make the room seem a bit overwhelming. The trim in this room was painted kelly green when we moved in. Too much, in my humble opinion.

Scandinavian Influenced Breakfast Nook


Hubby gave me this Wandering Jew for my birthday. I’ve heard they only look good for a year and then get straggly. Time will tell.

Wandering Jew Houseplant


A simple table throw adds just enough color and texture. One of my readers asked “what’s a table throw” and I don’t think I ever answered the question. It’s really just a small table cloth or similar that only covers a portion of the table but is larger than a table runner. It gives a more relaxed and casual look.

Faded Blue Table Throw


Additional texture is added to my spring dining nook with rattan plate chargers and glass holders. My new linen and pom pom napkins soften the place setting.

Spring Table Setting in Neutral Tones with Houseplants


I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a sisal rug of sorts under the table. What do you think? Rug or no rug?

Spring Table Setting in Neutral Tones with Houseplants


Next on today’s tour is Kristen’s beautiful home at Ella Claire.

You’ll find more spring inspiration from my blogging friends listed below. Today’s inspiration is immediately below and Monday’s links are beneath that. A special thanks to Lory at Designthusiasm for organizing and hosting this week’s event!

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  1. Wandering Jew are very easy to take care of and can last BEAUTIFULLY for years. The secret is to pinch off the end and the new leaf when forming so the plant will put out new shoots and not grow “leggy or straggly”.

    Good luck!

  2. You’re going to have the cleanest air in Chicago area! 👏👏👏 Just keep your WJ trimmed back- like it is now.
    Believe it or not, I think a sisal might be nice in your kitchen. ONLY BECAUSE it might protect that awesome tile! But be aware… old antique carpets are coming back in vogue. (Uh, were they ever out 😏)

  3. Hi, keep your Wandering Jew pinched off and it will stay bushy and vibrant. You can take the stalks you break off and root them in water for more plants.

  4. Your WJ is beautiful just pinch ends and it will be bushy. I love your green tile and would leave it alone but, that is for you to decide.I’m thinking an oriental rug with green in it .

  5. Such a lovely touch of nature here in your home Jennifer! LOVE all your plants! I’ve been slowly trying to add more though I will admit I kill a lot of them, haha! And I adore the color of that table throw – so pretty!

    Here’s to spring coming sooner rather than later – I’m so ready!


  6. Wandering Jew is a fun plant. Trim off segments and put them in a clear base or small old bottle. The shoots will grow roots, you can plant them or you have plants to share. I usually have pieces of mine in a vase on the kitchen counter and in the bathroom where is receives bright light. It’s fun to have a living bouquet!

  7. I would love to see either a sisal rug or something with green in it under your table. While I absolutely love your Mexican green tile, a new texture on the floor would not diminish it in any way and would add a whole new level of style. Your switching to cozy and earthy is going beautifully.

  8. No to the rug for warmer months. I always pull mine up in spring and put them back down in fall.. I love your dining room light over your table. Can you share where you found it? The room looks perfect as it is!