White Ironstone from the Flea Market

The first weekend of every month is flea market weekend in Kane County, Illinois and I try to never miss it! Hundreds of vendors are spread across the local fairgrounds and it takes a few hours just to walk past them all. Known as the best in the Midwest, the Kane County Flea Market never disappoints. Some of your favorite bloggers have booths at this flea market held in St. Charles … Jennifer Rizzo, Rosemary of Villabarnes, and Urban Farmgirl just to name a few.

White IronstoneI’m happy to report that April’s flea market was a huge success for me!  I brought home a slew of white ironstone and two vintage mirrors.


Vintage MirrorsCountry Living magazine used to have a section from time to time where they’d feature a flea market and what editors would find on their junking trip … complete with price. I thought it’d be fun to do the same. So each month I’ll show my flea market finds along with what I paid. I’m sure there will be times I over pay, and some times when I find a bargain.


White Vintage MirrorFirst up is this white vintage mirror that I scored for $30. It’s very heavy with pretty scroll work on top. It has a few age spots, which I love.  I always look at the back of the mirror when making a purchase. If it’s wood and solid, I’ll buy it if the price is right.


White Ironstone PitcherIf you read my blog regularly, you know I’m always on the hunt for white ironstone. I’ve found some gorgeous pieces in the past but passed them up when the price tag is too steep. So when I saw the pitcher on the left for just $12 I was pretty excited. Since it was toward the end of the day and I knew the vendors were anxious to sell, I offered $10 and the guy agreed.


White Ironstone BowlsThe stack of white ironstone bowls are probably the item I was most excited about. The booth where I found these had lots of goodies right up my alley but these bowls just kept pulling my eye over to them. I wandered over to casually check them out. I don’t like the vendors to know when my heart has skipped a few beats and my palms are sweating as I pick up an item to see the price.  I don’t want them thinking they’ve got a live one that will pay top dollar.


White Ironstone BowlsMuch to my dismay, the heavy little bowls weren’t tagged. It’s been my experience that when an item isn’t priced, it’s usually too expensive. As nonchalantly as I could muster a disinterested voice I asked how much they were. “Three dollars each,” she said.  Did I hear that right?  The lady behind me perked up as soon as she heard the clerk reveal the price. I quickly snatched up all 5 bowls before the other lady could reach in and grab them.


White bowl with hydrangeaSee how cute one of these bowls looks with a fluffy white hydrangea tucked inside?


White Ironstone PitcherIt was a good day at the flea market for all things white! I couldn’t believe the luck I was having so far. I found this next little pitcher at Jennifer Rizzo‘s booth for just $3.  It was so adorable I couldn’t go home without it. I chatted with Jennifer for a bit but the flea market was really busy and you had to keep moving. Her booth is always crowded with people snatching up her beautiful creations.


White Ironstone and HydrangeaPair the little pitcher with the white bowl and hydrangea and you have the beginnings of a pretty vignette.


White Ironstone BowlThe biggest bowl was $5.  I love its little ridges and plan to do something fun with it.


Ironstone platterThe oblong ironstone bowl was just $5 and has no flaws.


White Vintage MirrorI always keep an eye out for vintage mirrors at the flea market and scored this one for just $15. It wasn’t as heavy as the first one so I know it wasn’t that old. But it was white and pretty and the price was right. Initially marked at $19, I was able to get the vendor to knock the price down a bit more.


White ironstone and hydrangeaDon’t ever be afraid to offer a lower price at flea markets. The vendors expect it and if they don’t like your offer, they can always say no. I’ve only known a couple vendors who won’t negotiate on price. I have to admit, I don’t always offer a lower price. If I think it’s priced right to begin with, I’ll pay what the vendor is asking. After all, they need to make a profit and feed their families.


Vintage mirrors and ironstoneIn less than 3 hours at the Kane County Flea Market I found 2 vintage mirrors and several pieces of ironstone for just $83 total. A pretty good haul for one day. I would’ve shopped longer but hubby was reaching his flea market threshold.


Collection of ironstoneAt least he’s learned to stop asking why I’m hoarding all this ironstone. I have a plan in mind to showcase all this white beauty in the kitchen. I’m anxious for all of it to come together … at this rate … it won’t be long before I have all the necessary items.


White HydrangeaHow about you? What do you look for at the flea market or antique stores? I’d love to know!

(Note: Click to see May’s Flea Market Finds)

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  1. I love that set of ironstone bowls too! Their shape caught my eye right away…so cute! Like you, I’m never shy about asking for a lower price. If I know it’s a fabulous hard to find item, I’m willing to pay a little more if it needs to come home with me.
    Mary Alice

  2. I, too, just scout the flea markets, estate sales and garage sales for white/cream ironstone. I started collecting McCoy pottery pieces in the white/cream many years ago and have quite a collection. But, I cannot pass up a pretty piece of any of it if the price is half way reasonable. I also plan on decorating with mine when I start redoing my kitchen next month. I guess it’s kind of an addiction – but we could have worse habits. LOL


  3. Did you ever get a deal! What wonderful & beautiful finds! I love how you are using the bowls for display and how smart of you to grab all those bowls before anyone else did- I think I would have done the same thing. Can’t wait to see how you will use it all.

  4. Jen,
    You scored some great deals. I did not find as many treasures as you did at Kane. I did score more at Grayslake this week end. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Just beautiful Jen, once I found a whole set of ironstone at a yardsale for $15.00 isn’t marked but does have a glazed, crackled look to it!
    I love the mirrors and also the long oval bowl!

  6. Hey Jennifer, glad you had a good day of finds. I love it when I score big there. Some of my favorite finds are from the Kane County Flea. Unfortunaltely, I’m usually too busy with the three kids to get there regularly, but once a year (Mother’s Day!) I’m sure to be there. Can’t wait for it! I collect ironstone and mirrors, too. Love what you brought home.


  7. What great finds!

    We don’t have a local flea market very often. This year they scheduled it on Easter Sunday- someone obviously wasn’t paying attention when the set it up. I was so disappointed because I would have liked to go and was dreaming of the lovely linens I would find. Hopefully there will be one is the summer.

  8. oh my gosh… I look for ironstone, linens, baby clothes, buttons, shell pink… I love iron beds. and although i don’t have any babies or grandbabies , I have 3 cribs. I really need to narrow it down a bit lol. Mike always teases me about hoarding too 🙂

  9. I love the white ironstone! I look for pretty white dishes all the time too. I don’t think you can ever have too many!
    Love the mirrors too!

  10. You got some great whites, Jennifer! I could just see these displayed in your kitchen. I feel the same way about negotiating price ~ if I think it is fair to begin with, I just pay what they are asking without going for a lower price. Love the mirror, too.

  11. Love all your finds Jennifer, they are all so great. We don’t have really good flea markets by us, it is really sad. I would love to search through all the treasures and get some great items as you diid.


  12. Awesome finds! I’m jealous! LOL! And I’m with you – I don’t always ask them to go lower on price if I think it’s a good price to start with. I have a bit of experience in how much work goes into just one show and they do need to make a bit of a profit!

  13. Oh Jennifer, you scored some wonderful pieces!!!! I love your 3 dollar bowls. What a steal! I also love the pretty mirrors too.

  14. Such great finds, Jennifer! The pretty hydrangea in one of your bowls looks so sweet. Sadly, we just don’t have flea markets like that around me!

  15. Good day for you. I love to find old rose prints in interesting frames and old flower pots and anything vintage that is pretty or romantic looking.

  16. You scored big! Love your all-white finds. Making me think I need to get out to more flea markets after reading your post.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  17. Beautiful treasures! I don’t know much about ironstone, but I’m crazy about those five bowls. They look like they have an aged patina (or maybe just a special glaze?) They remind me of chalk painted furniture. Lovely.

  18. Okay, I was a wee bit jealous about your flea market and then you mentioned the blogger-vendors and now I am seriously jealous lol. How I would love to go to an open air flea market in April. Your finds are lovely and great prices too. Your photos show them off so nicely. The mirrors are great pieces and I am especially drawn to the oval one.

  19. Wonderful finds! I too love finding ironstone. I always look for unique farm pieces that I could use indoors. And, LINENS!!! Linens are a favorite thing of mine to find.

    Thanks for sharing. Will look forward to the next flea market post.

  20. I love love a good find, add it being white makes it wonderful! Such a classic and timeless color! Love your blog, I am new from Southern charm, Nicole!

  21. Hi, I’m in love with your whites and think you really did some smart shopping. I wish I had started an ironstone collection a long time ago but instead I’ve sold some really great pieces. You did really good because it is getting harder and harder to find…Connie

  22. Your ironstone collection is getting so big. It fits your style and home. You can never have too many cute shaped mirrors. Very pretty.

  23. So many beautiful pieces of ironstone you found!!! And I love the mirrors! Where do I even begin with what I look for when I’m shopping? Ironstone and mirrors are at the top of my list too but I also look for silhouettes, whisk brooms, scales, mason jars, hose nozzles, industrial pieces, grain scoops, baby ben clocks, shaving brushes, lavender bottles and anything farmhouse that just speaks to me. I’ll stop there because I could go on all day! 😉

  24. Fun post! I like seeing what treasures others find when at markets. You are lucky to have this one close by every month. Your white ironstone pieces are something I like to search out too, but I don’t have a large collection. I also look for mother of pearl and silver flatware, brown and white transfer ware, blue and white, and garden related items. I live near Round Top, so I look forward to shopping that huge market every spring and fall. This spring I came home with a couple of iron tabletop urns, a sweet little cow pitcher in brown and white transfer ware, and two dairy crocks with cow graphics. Like you, I was happy with my finds. ‘-)

  25. Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds, I love everything you bought, especially those 5 little bowls,
    perfect for that hydrangea bloom. I can hardly wait till the yard sales & flea markets open around here,
    usually the end of May…. so I am trying to be patient~