Create Your Own Container Water Garden

Water in the landscape is becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why.

The sound of running water, whether it’s a small fountain or impressive waterfall, is soothing and relaxing. Not to mention water gardens are so pretty!

But if you’re not ready to jump in and get both feet wet with a full-fledged pond, you can easily create a container water garden.

Pink Sacred Lotus in a Container Water GardenA stately and gorgeous Sacred Lotus is planted in a simple dark gray patio pond.

This is a corner of my yard from last year. All I did was transfer the lotus into the container,

and then filled it with water. I added mosquito dunks as needed to keep pests away.

The lotus is such a stunning plant and ridiculously easy to grow!


Container Water Garden with FountainsAnother example is this gorgeous ceramic pot with a trio of fountains.

Created by one of my co-workers, he added fun aquatic plants.

His dog loved drinking from this fancy fountain bowl!


Dripping Moss Container Water Garden This adorable container water garden drips water into an underground basin.

The water is then recirculated up through the pot to drip out again.

This and all other photos (beside my lotus photo) are from Aquascape,

which is where I work as marketing communications manager.


Orange Pot on Pedestal becomes Container Water GardenWe called this simple container water garden the “Canteloupe” since the bowl looks like the fruit.

You’ll find instructions for making this water garden on Aquascape’s website.


Water Lettuce in Galvanized ContainerIf you crave simplicity you can easily create this simply beautiful aquatic garden.

A galvanized tin flower box is filled with water and water lettuce.

Water lettuce simply floats on the water’s surface with its roots dangling.

It’s my favorite non-flowering aquatic plant.


Overflowing Teapot Container Water GardenAnd if you like a little whimsy in your garden,

you can tackle a project like this one where water flows from one bowl into another,

by way of an adorable tea pot and tea cup. So cute!


Teak Bowl Container Water GardenMore water lettuce fills this unique, overflowing wooden bowl.

Once again, an underground basin captures the water and is recirculated back up into the bowl.

You can use any container to create a miniature water garden provided it’s water-tight.


Patio Pond with Aquatic PlantsA variety of aquatic plants fills this container water garden,

including a pretty water lily.

There’s really no limit to what you can do with water gardens!

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