Tour a Country Garden at the Farm

Is there anything more quaint and nostalgic than a country garden? The image conjures up scenes from the past when America was a young and growing. Old fashioned flowers, heirloom vegetables, corn bins, and simple farm animals all come to mind.

Sunflowers in Country Gardens


I think this is the last post about my trip to Door County, Wisconsin where we took a side trip to The Farm in Sturgeon Bay. It was a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t expecting to see a country garden along with the goats, chickens, and cows.

Goats at the Animal Farm in Door County


My daughter’s hubby used to visit this farm on family vacations when he was just a kid. She wanted to keep the tradition alive with her own boys, so thus the venture to The Farm.

Long Haired Cow


But what really captured my heart aside from the cute and cuddly animals, was the country garden with its heirloom flowers and vegetables.

Country Garden with Heirloom Flowers and Vegetables


Look at the dainty, colorful cosmos interspersed with the cabbage and vegetables. I always get gardening ideas when visiting places like this.

Country Garden with Heirloom Flowers and Vegetables


And seriously – these hollyhocks with potted marigolds just behind them. I love pink and orange paired in the garden. Pink is soft and sweet and a pop of orange adds just the right amount of excitement.

Pink Hollyhocks at the Animal Farm


Pink Hollyhocks at the Animal Farm


And then, of course, are the radiant sunflowers!

Large Yellow Sunflowers


Every country garden needs a rustic wreath or other adornments. Last week I shared a rusty ice box at a garden nursery down the road from us. Isn’t this little garden gate just the sweetest?

Country Garden Gate with Rustic Wreath and Flowers


Even the little corn crib was charming!

Corn Crib in a Country Garden


And what’s the point of a corn crib without a cornfield? Here’s some of the family gathered amidst the stalks.

Family in the Corn Field at the Animal Farm in Door County


There were a few more structures at the The Farm, like this adorable log cabin with flower boxes full of pink geraniums.

Log Cabin with Flower Box


Log Cabin with Flower Box


Even a rustic machine shed with an antique car nestled inside – along with a modern fire extinguisher!

Old Wood Garage with Antique Car


But my favorite country garden feature was this rustic wagon with my grandson standing proudly in it. Our neighbors had one of these in their yard, but they took it with them when they sold the house and moved.

Rustic Farm Wagon


Back to the real reason we visited The Farm – the animals! The bigger goats were penned, but the baby goats were allowed to run free so we could pet them and even pick them up like a kitten.

Goats at the Animal Farm in Door County


Goats at the Animal Farm in Door County


Thanks for letting me share bits of my Door County, Wisconsin vacation with you. It was fun to relive the memories through my blog!


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  1. What a fun time! My granddaughters would be all about this place. Besides the animals I adore the gate picture. Who would have thought to attach two rusty old horseshoes for a cute accent? Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love farms like this glad you shared your fun times with us and you have a nice family. Brought back lots of memories for me, thanks.

  3. I grew up in a very small town – with farms all around – so these photos look very familiar to me. I love all animals, so the faces are so precious to me, especially the goats. For some reason goat faces always appear so wise, although in reality, they are quite carefree and childish in their behavior – but nothing is cuter than a baby goat.
    I’ve lived in my current home in a city subdivision for 23 years. It’s a community of smallish homes and the median age is not young. In the midst of this large city, my next door neighbor has, to my delight, an old patch of hollyhocks on the side of his house, easily seen from my window. Its a pleasant reminder of my long-ago childhood in the country and I love that such an old plant that is hardly ever used in modern landscaping has provided a connection to a human being who, when I moved in 23 years ago, was a complete stranger, but is now a trusted friend.

  4. This brought back memories of our visit to The Farm and Door County with my oldest grand daughter. Though it was several years ago (she’s 26 now) , I still remember the day as if it were yesterday. Thanks for the memories.