Creating a Christmas Theme

I told myself I wasn’t going to post about Christmas until after Thanksgiving but I just can’t help myself. Christmas comes and goes so fast and what I enjoy most about Christmas is the weeks leading up to the big day. In fact, sometimes the big day is a little anticlimactic after all the frenzied planning. So maybe it will help to start planning a little earlier. And part of that planning involves choosing a theme for decorations. This year I’m leaning toward a more natural approach to Christmas with plenty of fresh greens. Here are some inspirational photos I scrounged up from around the web … (if you pin photos, please visit the original source before pinning!!)

Source:  Country Living
Source:  Country Home
Source:  Homes Trendy
Source:  Shelterness
Source:  Country Home
Source:  HA Decor
Source:  HomeGoods
Source:  Country Living
Source:  My Blueberry Jam
Source:  Country Home
Source:  Country Living

Source:  Country Living
Source:  Country Home
What decorating theme will you create this Christmas? Vintage? Modern? 
Maybe a color theme like silver and gold?  Blue and white?
I’m anxious to see everyone’s festive decor and menu planning!

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  1. Great inspiration Jennifer! I am doing a very simple Christmas this year.Nothing over the top.I am also doing some things I have never done before excited to get started!

  2. I love all your inspiration pictures, Jennifer! I have a few of them saved on my computer ~ pre Pinterest ~ for many years. I love the feel of all of them. I’m eager to get started myself, but after so many years of waiting until the Friday after Thanksgiving it is hard to change. I will be getting my stuff out of the attic before Thanksgiving though, so that is a head start for me!

  3. Hi Jennifer, I love your inspiration photos too. Even though it’s early, I’m thinking of a natural theme too. I’ve bought some preserved boxwood topiaries and a wreath that I’ll be using for the first time this Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your natural theme!

  4. I’m itching to get my boxes out too, must be blogging – I want to see what new and interesting ideas I have for all my old holiday junk.


  5. I wish I had the budget to just go get new stuff and go more neutral. I will have to make due, I wish I had the energy to get creating something, even an idea list…I just seem to be in denial that Christmas is so close!

  6. Simple yet elegant ! All so very lovely ! This year we are doing less decorating and changing from a big tree to a table one . Thanks for sharing some great ideas here ! Have a good day !