Pretty Pink Baubles for Stephanie

Last night was a Holiday Open House at Carter’s Cottage and while I was shopping, I saw these beautiful pink Christmas ornaments that immediately made me think of my eldest daughter, Stephanie. Her favorite color is pink and lately I’ve been feeling blue about her because she’s suffering from a wicked sprained ankle. So I had to take these pretty pink baubles home with me as a gift for her.

Stephanie loves Christmas so combine the holiday with the color pink and she’s a happy girl.
There are 5 of these lovely little ornaments and they weren’t very expensive.
All for my beautiful Stephanie. I’m not even keeping one for myself.
Stephanie is starting a cupcake business and I’m working on her logo.
I need to take photos of her yummy cupcakes. They’re quite pretty.
Soon her Fluff Cupcake website will be up and running.
She texted me last night to let me know someone placed a cupcake order.
I wanted to tell her I bought these pink ornaments for her, but I ticked a lock.
I decided it would be more fun to surprise her with this blog post instead.
This is Stephanie and her new hubby Matt … they wed this past June.
(Wedding photography by Theresa Yabut)
Hopefully I’ll soon have the digital images from her wedding photographer and can post them on my blog.
Stephanie, I hope you like the pretty pink baubles I bought for you!

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  1. There’s something haunting me about pink xmas ornaments ! lol I JUST got back from a run to the local thrift to see if I could find any. Day before I picked up the only pink they had at Michaels. But I want something stunning and have decided I need to make something, just hope it will be stunning! 😀 Yours are precious. Pink is my new favorite color for some reason, never before, but in love now. blessings, lady

  2. I have seen pink for Christmas…it looks so cute with silver. I hope Stephanie’s husband likes pink, too. Question for you Jennifer….your photos are always so pretty. Tell me what camera you like best.

  3. What a lovely surprise for your beautiful daughter. I love surprising my daughter as well. How exciting for her to have received a cupcake order. I love cupcakes so much I a board for them on pinterest. Wishing her lots of luck in her new business and quick healing. Happy Sunday! Bonnie