Daisy Printables for Summer Art

Pretty prints make it easy to create your own artwork – all on a friendly budget! Today I’ve got a trio of summery daisy printables for you to enjoy in your own home!

Daisy Printables over Farmhouse Console Table


Daisies always remind me of my mother. They were her favorite flower. Every birthday or Mother’s Day, it seems like someone would give her daisies.

Daisy Printables in White Frames for Summer Decorating


I wasn’t planning to share another printable so soon, since last week I shared a pair of charming vintage cow printables. But I’ve had daisies on my mind lately.

Daisy Printables in White Frames for Summer Decorating


I bought a few varieties of Shasta daisies at our local nursery to plant in the garden.

Shasta Daisies. Easy to Grow and Make Great Cut Flowers.


I’ve always wanted a large patch of daisies in the garden, and now I’m going to have them. And I will think of my mother every time I see them.

Daisies in Green Vases


I grabbed a pair of honeysuckle topiaries while we were at the garden center.

Honeysuckle Topiary Houseplant


Unfortunately I killed my rosemary topiaries. I found that if you let their soil dry out to the least bit, they die. I’m hoping to improve my luck with the honeysuckles which don’t require as much light and water.

Honeysuckle Topiary Houseplant


Once my daisies start blooming more profusely, you’ll see larger bouquets of them here on the blog. My hubby just planted them out in the garden, so for now you can enjoy the daisy printables, compliments of The Graphics Fairy.

Daisy Printables over Farmhouse Console Table


You can download the daisy printables at the links below.

Trio of Daisy Printables

Bunch of Daisies / Pair of Daisies / Vintage Daisy Botanical


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  1. Jennifer,
    Thank-you for sharing your sweet tribute to your Mother, the daises are lovely.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Thank you Jennifer, I just pressed some of my daisies for a future project. These will great for now. ๐ŸŒผ

  3. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thanks for these, i love daisies. I have some in my garden.

  4. Christine says:

    Hi Jennifer. Daises are my mother’s favorite flower too! I always planned on planting some, in her honor, when she passes. The house we moved to last year has a patch of them. So now I have some to help me always honor her.
    Maybe you can put a picture of her under your Daisy picture display.
    Have a blessed Summer.

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