Pine Cone Christmas Trees

When I see a gathering of pine cones on the ground, I envision what I can make with them. They’re the perfect craft project because they’re easy to work with and they’re free! Today I’m sharing how to make Pine Cone Christmas Trees! You’ve probably seen similar little trees on Pinterest or in the pages of your favorite crafting magazine.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees


First of all, don’t buy pine cones at the store since you can get them for free almost anywhere (unless you live in an area where pine trees don’t grow). Find them on the grounds of a park, on a nature trail, maybe even your neighbor’s backyard. Be sure to get permission first before scavenging around their yard!

Pine Cone Crafts


Paint just the tips of the pine cone’s scales with a white water-based paint like chalk or acrylic craft paint. You don’t have to paint the scales perfectly or you’ll be working all day. Just dab a bit of paint on each end and let dry. I painted both the top and undersides of the scales.

Pine Cone Crafts. Painted Pine Cone Tips


Find cute little pots to create the base of your Pine Cone Christmas trees. Tuck a bit of greenery or even Spanish moss into the pot first, and then rest the pine cone on top. You can apply a thin line of hot glue to the rim of the pot to adhere your pine cone, but I didn’t. Glue a little star to the top of the pine cone to finish it off.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees


My favorite paper clay snowman decided to make the scene. He was featured in my Christmas Home Tour on Wednesday. I need to learn how to make these figurines.

Paper Clay Snowman with Pine Cone Christmas Trees


Create a cute little vignette with your Christmas Pine Cone Trees, or place them in the center of your holiday table for a festive centerpiece.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees


Pine Cone Christmas Trees are so easy to make and not a burden on the budget. Make them with kids or by yourself!

Pine Cone Christmas Trees. So Easy to Make!

What crafts do you like to make at Christmas?


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  1. These are beautiful, Jennifer! I had my boys gather up some pine cones for me a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what to do with them but I do now. Thanks for the inspiration and have a very Merry Christmas!