Vintage Bird Printables for Fall

Fall will officially be here in less than two weeks! I’ve been cozying up my rooms with warm colors for the autumn season. I saw beautiful bird prints in round black frames that I loved, but didn’t purchase them due to their price. Instead, I decided to make my own. And what’s more … I have the vintage bird printables here on my blog that you can download to make your own!

Vintage Bird Printables

I paired my vintage bird printables with amber brown bottles from my collection. The amber color is perfect for the fall season. I loved that I saved money with this project and this artwork was so easy to make!

Vintage Bird Printables

Brown birds are layered over a vintage script background to give them an aged appearance. The links to the free printables are at the end of this post.

Vintage Birds to print and frame

You’ll first want to find your frames. I opted for oval black frames instead of round ones. I liked these because they have a soft raised swirl with a touch of gold. I found my frames at Hobby Lobby for under $10 each – they’re not plastic, either.

Vintage Birds to print and frame

Most picture frames have a piece of cardboard or foam inside to hold the glass in place. Use the oval insert to trace the shape and size of the frame on the vintage bird printables.

Vintage Birds to print and frame

Cut out the bird printable and assemble the frame.

Vintage Birds to print and frame

Next comes the fun part of hanging the vintage bird printables on the wall and adding decor to create a fall vignette.

Vintage Bird Printable

Vining bittersweet beneath the prints echoes the warm colors of leafy branches tucked in a favorite ironstone pitcher.

Fall Vignette with Free Bird Printables

I pulled my vintage bumblebee print in its rustic black frame out of storage and layered it over an old gold frame that I’ve had for many years.

Vintage Bumblebee Picture

And of course, beautiful amber bottles that glow when the sunlight hits them.

Vintage Amber Brown Bottles

I hope you enjoy my vintage bird printables! It’s an easy project (and economical too) for adding the warmth of the autumn season to your home.

Vintage Fall Vignette with Free Bird Printables

Download the vintage bird printables here:

Click on each image to download to your computer.

Brown Robin

Brown Vintage Robin

Brown Bird

Vintage Brown Bird

Long Brown Bird

Vintage Long Brown Bird

Angry Bird

Angry Bird

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  1. I love the bird prints with the other items on your mantle. It speaks to “fall” but also gives such a warm and cozy feel to the room.

  2. Think will be going to buy those frames at Walmart,love oval shape with the vintage bird images, so wonderful.Thank you so much for these images Jennifer. Will be perfect for Fall decorating.
    Happy rest of week

  3. Your home is lovely for Fall. The bird printables are just darling. I love to decorate with birds in my home all year long. So these are perfect for me. Thanks Jennifer.

  4. These are sublime! I love the birds with the script and that little bee vintage piece has my heart. LOVE it all so much. Was just thinking it’s almost been a year since we last saw each other. Miss you, friend. x

  5. Thanks so much for great bird printables. Will be looking for frames like yours at HL, hope they have them. When Christmas decorations come down will want something little different for walls in l/r. Things always look so dreary to me after holidays,all the pretty colors and lights are gone, hohum.
    Will have to wait til we get paid next Wed. The last time we got paid was day before Thanksgiving and won’t get paid again til 2 days after Christmas. Hard time to have 5 weeks between when we need extra money. This is 4 th.time since we’ve lived here our payday falls as it does on holidays. .We get pd.on 4th. wed .of every month and we both get pd.same day due to our b/d’s. SS staggers it out now. But we make it, have gotten used to it, kit of 5 week months
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Saw that this was an older post BUT it’s the first time that I have commented on this vignette. As one who isn’t big on decorating with bottles or printables, I do have to say that this fall vignette is soooo sweet! I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing, it’s very inspiring.

  7. I love the bee’s!! I have 2 large canvas art pieces in our bedroom and the warmth from the gold pops in the fall when I use our carmel colored bed linens. I wanted to add more around the room and this just gave me another idea! Thanks Jennifer!
    Hard to find amber bottles it seems outside of Etsy but I’ve been saving some over the summer from cooking oils or vinegars after seeing your post last fall. So now, I have some:0)

  8. Hi, love this post😊
    I have a question for you, what color paint is on the rocker ( turquoise), on your email subscribe page?
    Thank you