How to Decorate with Aqua

Colors come and go much like fashion. One day a color is in … one day it’s out. Aqua seems to be a hot color right now. You see it everywhere! But I always get confused as to what’s aqua and what’s turquoise, so I looked up their definitions and guess what? The definitions weren’t consistent. Sometimes aqua is listed as bluish-green; sometimes it’s described as greenish-blue. The same is true with turquoise ( listed it as being either-or)!  I know there’s an RGB breakdown for each, but for the purposes of this blog post on how to decorate with aqua using examples from Houzz … I’m going to take liberties and use my personal opinion on what looks like aqua.

Traditional Kitchen by Clemson Architects & Building Designers Studio 511

Consider using aqua for your kitchen back splash. It’s fun and gives the room a fresh look. The lampshade on the chandelier above the island brings the color from the walls into the center of the room. The dark floors add drama and keep the room from looking too cutesy.


Los Altos Interior Designers & Decorators Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Black has a way of bringing sophistication to other colors in the room and this aqua family room is no exception.


Bathroom by Carmel Design-Build Firms Case Design & Remodeling Indy

I can’t think of a more soothing color for a bathroom than aqua, can you? It’s so restful and peaceful.


Traditional Bedroom by Santa Monica Interior Designers & Decorators Cynthia Marks – Interiors

Speaking of restful and peaceful, aqua is a great choice for a bedroom too.

When you decorate with aqua, choose red as an accent color for fun. Puppy seems to like it!


Aqua and Orange Living Room by Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Another fun color to pair with aqua is orange. It lends a vibrancy that’s off-set by the cooler aqua blue.


Transitional Living Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Leslie Fine Interiors

But if you’re like me and prefer a softer look in your home, use aqua with white.

It looks both elegant and refreshing in this sunny living room.


Beach Style Bedroom by Alexandria Interior Designers & Decorators OUTinDesign

Have you ever thought about painting your ceilings a color other than white?

This bead board ceiling looks fabulous decorated with aqua.


Cottage Style Kitchen by Columbus Photographers Julie Ranee Photography

When I think of cottage style, which I love, I always think of aqua.

Here it’s splashed on the walls of a breakfast nook that features red accents.

Lately I’ve been loving red and plan to bring more of it into my home.

Especially with Christmas on the horizon, I figure it’s the perfect time to do so!


Little Rock Interior Designers & Decorators Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Another soft look showcases aqua with accents of tan.

If orange is too bold for you, tan is a great option!


Beach Style Bedroom by Charleston Interior Designers & Decorators Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Finally, another pretty bedroom with touches of aqua and a shot of apple green.

So what do you think? Are you ready to decorate with aqua? Maybe you already have!


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  1. I painted my DR a deep aqua, and I love it. It’s Behr’s Opal Silk. I don’t care if/when it goes out of style; it reminds me of morning rooms and the link in English manor or country houses. And it looks fantastic with red!

  2. Some of your aquas I would consider celadon, which is in the green family. You are right though there are many differing opinions on this.

  3. Love all the aqua inspiration pics. So pretty and soft. I love that you are adding red to your Christmas. I am doing the same with a red and white theme this year. I know the new white sectional is going to look so pretty with your red Christmas plans. I am excited for you to pick her up on Saturday. See you soon.

  4. Aqua/turquoise are the most used colors in my home. I never get tired of it. FYI, turquoise stones range from very blue to very green with my favorites in between.

  5. In your beach style bedroom, where did you purchase the bedding? I love this color and wanting something similar in my room.