New Home Office for My Daughter

Do you ever find you have a space in your home that you’re not quite sure how to use it or decorate it? My daughter had a wall in her living room that we thought could serve a better purpose. We talked about creating a new home office where she could do computer work. As Stephanie got more excited about the space’s potential, I thought about what pieces would work in her home.

New Home Office Space with items from World Market

Stephanie’s style is different than mine. She likes clean lines and lots of color. We set a date for a Saturday morning to go shopping for home office furniture at World Market. I love their stuff and knew we’d have fun!

Here’s the boring “before” photo. Beige carpeting, wall, and curtains. It’s a little ho-hum and doesn’t reflect my daughter’s colorful personality! Notice I didn’t even bother to unplug the vacuum cleaner before taking the photo.

Before - an empty wall space. See its transformation to a home office!

And here’s the “after”!! We chose one of World Market’s Mix and Match desks. You customize the desk by choosing a bottom to go with a top. Our next step was to decide upon a desk chair. Stephanie wanted color, so it was obvious we were going to purchase a fabric chair. We loved this green tufted one. To add color to the wall without having to paint, we looked through the new Fall curtains and both agreed the blue floral print was a keeper!

New Home Office Space with a Mix and Match Desk

Stephanie really wanted a basket for her new home office and this one was just the right size. She’ll be able to store items in here – magazines, or maybe even some of the kids’ smaller toys.

Fabric Lined Wire Basket. Perfect for Storing Items.

With the big items decided upon, we turned our attention to the details, which was a lot of fun. The desk was already set up in the store so we started grouping things on it to find what she’d like best.

Home Office Accessories from World Market

The graceful shape of this lamp base from the fall collection caught our eye, and it paired so perfectly with the rusty little clock and creamy globe. I wanted to take this grouping home for myself!

Cream colored accessories for a home office desk

I told Stephanie she had to have the globe! No ifs ands or buts about it!

Paper Mache Globe

On the other side of the desk are the more utilitarian items.

Honeycomb Shelf in Home Office

Normally I don’t like functional desk items out on display, but this wire desktop organizer is appealing to me.

Wire Desktop Organizer

A metal pen and pencil holder sits next to the wire desk organizer, along with a cute little orange chicken. Just because. The little chicken adds a small splash of color.

Home Office Desk Accessories

For the wall, we discovered this beautiful wood and metal honeycomb shelf. Stephanie can swap out the knick-knacks based on the season if she wants.

Honeycomb Shelf

We found a faux succulent in a rock. She already had the decorative balls.

Succulents on a Honeycomb Shelf. Easy wall decor.

And then we found a couple more succulents to join the honeycomb shelf.

Succulents as Home Decor

From lots of beige to classy color, Stephanie loves her new home office space. And the curtains?  We went back to World Market to get more panels for some of her other windows.

Transforming an unused space into a new home office.

New Home Office Mood Board. Shop the Look!If you like Stephanie’s new home office decor, you can find the items from World Market below:

Mix and Match Desk | Green Harper Chair | Floral Curtains | Wire Basket

Honeycomb Shelf | Desk Accessories | Emma Lamp | Charlie Clock

Sphere Globe | Succulents | Wooden Chickens

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  1. Your daughter’s style is different than mine, but I still like it very much. The space is bright, clean, and useful. What a change from the “before”! I love the stuff from World Market!
    Michelle from