Decorating for Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day! It’s the bright spot in the middle of winter and has always been one of my favorite holidays. Today I’m taking part in a Valentine’s Showcase with several other bloggers (see the schedule at the end of this post).

As a kid, I loved taking a plain old shoe box to school and decorating it to hold all the Valentine’s cards we’d get at our class party.  And now as an adult, decorating for Valentine’s Day means flowers … lots of flowers!

Roses and mums floral arrangementDuring the winter, I bring a lot of flowers home from the store.

To save money, I arrange the flowers myself.


Roses, mum, and carnations - dining room centerpieceIt’s cheaper to buy them in bunches and put them in vases or bowls I have at home.


Decorating for Valentine's Day with fresh flowersDecorating for Valentine’s Day gives me an excuse to splurge a little on lots of pink flowers.


Valentine's Day table settingPink looks so pretty with my white dishes in the dining room.


Decorating for Valentine's Day in the dining roomI’ve always been a bit of a pink girl, even though I’m a tomboy at heart.


Carnations and roses in a farmhouse dining roomMaybe part of why I love Valentine’s Day is because I can let the pink, girly side dominate the tomboy in me.


Using flowers to decorate for Valentine's DayI mean … how beautiful are these colors together?

Soft Pink, Pure White, and Duck Egg Blue!


Pink and White Valentine's table settingDecorating for Valentine’s Day means girly romance like feminine ribbons …


Vintage silverware at a Valentine's table setting… vintage silverware and soft white cotton napkins …


Valentine's Day place setting… and a single rose bud at every place setting.


White ironstone and pink carnations in a farmhouse hutchEven my farmhouse hutch gets a touch of pink at Valentine’s Day.


Decorating for Valentine's Day with pink and whiteI made a paper fan garland to drape across the top of my corner hutch.


White ironstone in a farmhouse hutchI’ve collected a variety of white ironstone pitchers over the past year.

I love how the Duck Egg Blue of the cabinet shows them off.

The pink carnations add feminine inspiration at Valentine’s Day.


Decorating for Valentine's Day with pink and whiteDo you like the soft, girly side of Valentine’s Day? It’s such a sweet and romantic holiday.

And even if you don’t have a romantic interest, you can still share love with family and children.


White mums, pink carnations and roses for dining centerpieceI hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day filled with flowers and maybe some chocolate!


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  1. I love your Valentine’s decorations and the beautiful flowers. The pinks and white are so pretty and soft. I enjoy flowers and chocolate for the day and sometimes receive one or the other from my sweetheart. Beautiful post Jennifer!

  2. Beautiful photos and inspiration Jennifer! Ah yes my home is also filled with flowers this time of the year.If not I think I would go crazy LOL!

  3. Gorgeous photos, Jennifer! No “romantic” relationship for this single mom, but I’m with you on focusing on love and beauty with my family and friends for Valentine’s Day : ) Thanks for the lovely inspiration. I’ve got to get myself some flowers this week!

  4. Absolutely love your post. Your decorating is over the top beautiful! I love it. Love your table, your hutch with all your pitchers…
    All the flowers. I’m with you I love to buy a simple bunch of flowers…because what it does on the inside of me every time I walk in the room and see them is worth it!

  5. Oh my goodness, you could be my twin sister!
    I love pink, am a tomboy at heart, have a collection of white ware (teapots, pitchers, creamers and such), and love decorating my house with them. I loved decorating an old shoebox to hold my Valentines when I was a kid too and will do it every once in awhile just for vintage fun!
    I love the farm house/ country cottage look and your blog/website is the perfect help and ispiration!!! Thank you!!!