Finding The Heart of the Home

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” but I don’t think this necessarily applies to everyone. We all have our “heart of the home” … that thing or elements that makes our home a cozy refuge from the world. This week I’m joining a few blogging buddies as we share how we pour our hearts into our home. For me, that means breathing beauty and soul into my living spaces … filling my home with things I love.

Summer in a Farmhouse KitchenSo let’s start with the kitchen … the proverbial “heart of the home.”

This is the room where we create the sustenance of our lives … good old home cooked meals!


Lilacs in a Farmhouse KitchenI do love my old farmhouse kitchen with its bead board, unique windows, and plenty of sunshine!


Farmhouse Kitchen SideboardMy heart is drawn to light and airy spaces, so I have light colors in my home.

I decorate my home in a way that lifts my spirits when I walk through a room.


Bluebells in a Farmhouse Breakfast NookI also love simplicity. Nothing fussy for me.

An enamelware pitcher with Virginia Bluebells on the kitchen table makes my heart sing.


White Ironstone Pitcher CollectionAnd speaking of pitchers, I love white ironstone. It feels organic to me.

Not elaborate like a Ming vase, but beautiful in its graceful curves and single color.


White Ironstone CollectionI love the color white, which is technically the reflection of all colors.

People think white is hard to keep clean, but I actually think white is easier to clean.


Wildflowers-in-Blue-Mason-JarsYou may have noticed a running theme through all my pictures.

Flowers!  Their scent and beauty becomes the heart of the home.

Flowers are an integral part of God’s creation, after all!


Farmhouse EntrywayMy home is about 140 years old and has a lot of character – wide baseboards, multi-paned windows, solid wood panel doors, painted floors and more. All these architectural elements add heart and soul to my home.


Family-Room-at-Town-and-Country-LivingI tend to steer clear of anything that’s cookie cutter, so my home is filled with unique, vintage items.

Adding heart to a home isn’t just about me. It’s about creating a warm, loving environment for my family.


Spaghetti with Tomato Basil SauceThere’s another old adage that says, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

So I pour my heart into meals made from scratch like this dish of spaghetti with tomato basil sauce.


Dark Chocolate Raspberry CakeLet’s add a little more love with this dark chocolate raspberry cake!


Farmhouse Country Kitchen - The Heart of the HomeI guess for me, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home!

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  1. Oh, I just love your kitchen. Any way you decorate it… For any season… Love how it fills with sunlight! What a blessing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, which are so inspiring — especially on this cold winter day! ~Sally

  2. Your home is just lovely! And I agree that the kitchen typically is the heart of the home. Our kitchen isn’t typical though – it’s too small for all 5 of us to comfortable inhabit now that the kids are getting to be adult size! I’d have to say our ‘heart of the home ‘ is our living room!

  3. Jennifer your home is so so so lovely. I agree about the ironstone, flowers & that raspberry cake for sure!! Thank you so much for sharing so much with us.

  4. Jennifer, I want to eat your Chocolate Raspberry Cake, now! It looks amazing! I also love all the fresh flowers in every room, today I bought my first tulips in 2014, getting ready for spring!
    You have a wonderful home!

  5. Your kitchen is a dream kitchen – just perfect in my world and something I’d have no idea where to start – you make it all seem so effortless.
    Just beautiful

  6. I have to agree Jennifer my kitchen is the heart of our home too! But I know how much you love cooking,love your shared recipes! Always enjoy touring your home.

  7. I love this post Jennifer! The photos are absolutely stunning and such a treat for anyone who loves a farmhouse, vintagey take on decorating. (Like me.) Your home is a breath of fresh air!

  8. I just love the way you are able to incorporate any color flowers and accessories into your decor. I could never do that I own too much that has red…but, I do love my red and have to be happy with that!

  9. Oh Jennifer your home is just so, so lovely and the kitchen reflects so much warmth and charm! So thrilled to be part of this tour with you this week!

  10. Just loved this blog post and will be back! Your home is lovely and the story behind coming to live there is moving. Thanks!

  11. Your home is simply gorgeous and so inviting! All the windows in your kitchen make is such a lovely spot. The kitchen floor caught my attention, the color is so pretty. May I ask if it is original to the house or something you put down?