Decorating with Pink and Green

Pink and green is one of my all-time favorite color combinations. Ever since I was a little girl I was attracted to pink and green. Green was my best friend’s favorite color, and mine was pink. We watched 4th of July fireworks together every summer and we most loved the fireworks that were half green, half pink. To this day, I still think of Joan when watching fireworks. She also comes to mind when I see examples of decorating with pink and green. (Photos from Houzz. Click on image to be taken to original.)

Decorating with Pink and Green in the Living RoomCottage Company of Harbor Springs

Some people think pink and green come across as too preppy … but look at this beautifully romantic living room! Overstuffed pink couches against pale green walls, paired with a pretty rose print on the side chairs.


Tradition Living Room in Non-Traditional ColorsTobi Fairley Interior Design

What do you think of bringing in a couple more colors to the pink and green scene … like blue and brown?


Mod Glam Style in Pink and GreenAndrea Brooks Interiors

Pink and green don’t always need to look sweet and innocent together. This mod glam room shows that decorating with pink and green can be sophisticated.


Traditional Living RoomHannah Brown

Pink and green can be soft and subtle too. My mother’s living room was pink with touches of green and it was rather elegant. She had me sponge paint her walls in soft pink and the adjoining dining room wore a sage green wallpaper in a small print.


Decorating with Pink and GreenBorden Interiors & Associates

If you prefer to tone down the pink and green, white is a perfect complement. One accent wall, a rug, and a few pillows may be all that’s needed to satiate your favorite color combo, whatever that combination might be.


Decorating with Pink and Green in the BathroomAlison Kandler Interior Design

So far all I’ve shown is living rooms, but pink and green can make its appearance in any room. What do you think of the pink claw foot tub and the green vanity?  I think it’s fun and playful and would be perfect for a girl’s bathroom.


]Decorating with Pink and GreenJenny Tamplin Interiors

Claim your home office space with bold pink and green. Hubby won’t be stealing this spot from you!


Pink and Green BedroomCottage Company of Harbor Springs

A girl’s bedroom is the perfect space for testing out your fondness for decorating with pink and green.


Traditional Bedroom in Pink and GreenTraditional Bedroom Design Ideas

Of course, it looks equally charming in a more grown-up bedroom.


Feminine Farmhouse BedroomRikki Snyder

A sweet little farmhouse bedroom shows its Victorian charm in pastel pink with a few hints of green in the wallpaper.


Decorating with Pink and Green in Shabby Chic StyleShabby Chic Style

Whether bold and modern, or soft and romantic, the combination of pink and green is endearing to me. It must stem from those early childhood memories of fireworks and summer fun.


Pink and Green NurseryElizabeth Krial Design, LLC


Shabby Chic Dining RoomShabby Chic Style Dining Room Design Ideas

A romantic dining table gets set in pretty pink and green, with pastels on the table and an old-fashioned toile pattern padding the dining chairs.


Decorating with Pink and GreenCottage Company of Harbor Springs

So what do you think?  Are you a fan of pink and green? When we first moved into our current home, I painted the living room a very pale pink with white painted trim. The outside was also painted pink by the previous owner, which I loved, but we ended up changing it to yellow.


Pink and Green Victorian HouseDoyle Coffin Architecture LLC

As you can see by this charming example, you don’t have to relegate it to the outside of your home. Victorian houses are a good choice for decorating with pink and green on the outside of the house, as well as the inside!

Ideas for Decorating with Pink and Green

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite color combinations are when it comes to decorating your home!


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  1. I agree, Jennifer! I’ve always thought pink and green was such a fresh and pretty combination that those were the colors in our wedding! And I have pinned most of these beautiful pictures you’ve shared. And I’ve added some of these colors back into our home.
    Pretty post!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. I love pink and green together! I have used it as a color theme for parties. I also love orange and pink. I have a whole board of pink and green on Pinterest! I will be adding a few of these pictures to it!

  3. The first formal gown I could call my own was purchased for me by my late sister, who was 12 years older than me and was like a second mother. The dress was a beautiful a-line in sweet pink chiffon and the bodice had a beautiful sheer lace overlay in pink roses and sagey green leaves. She also purchased some love Italian made sling-back heels to match. I absolutely loved it and fell in love with the color combination. I was sixteen and so you know that was a very long time ago! I think that dress would still be in fashion today as it was a classic! I loved your post!

  4. Growing up my bedroom was pink and green and I absolutely loved it! They are such cheery colors and can make any room feel more fun and inviting! That pink clawfoot tub is incredible. I’m already looking for ways to do the same to mine, thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow…I am so inspired! I l am a great fan of pink color, but have never thought about incorporating it into my decor. These are the best ways to decorate with pink color. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Our last kid left the next & my husband has a man cave, so I wanted a calm, welcoming, elegant craft/spare bedroom to call my own. I went pink and green in the bedroom and bath and I absolutely love it! I also really love red/yellow/black combinations, and purple and yellow, and forest green and light purplish pink with gold accent .

  7. Growing up my bedroom was pink and green and I absolutely loved it! They are such cheery colors and can make any room feel more fun and inviting! That pink clawfoot tub is incredible. I’m already looking for ways to do the same to mine, thanks for sharing

    Visit Pulse Villas

  8. I think yes!! Go for it. Pink and green are the fantasy blend and the verdigris and hot pink would look wonderful together. The main benefits of pink after exercise, lowered the heart rate, pulse, and respiration more significantly than other colors.

  9. Amazing combination. I want to decor my bedroom, working area & kitchen areas. Through this blog. I got a lot of inspiration from decor ideas & Color Combination. Thanks for sharing. Please share more blogs.

  10. I read your post and analyzed your thoughts about your color and your friend’s color. where you are talking about Your favorite color is pink and green. pink is your favorite color but green is your best friend’s color. I think every girl likes Pink color. A few years I married. Once upon a time, I was purchasing a suit for my wife then she asked me how she knew I liked pink color. Then I understand Pink color is the most popular color for a sweet girl. If we talk about fashion design or home Design/ Renovation then a girl can select better colors. I saw your given sample in Design this is very attractive. I like the pink color also.