Decorating with Signs

I think most of us want to personalize our homes with things we love or items that have meaning to us. Personal items can often bring a smile to your face as you remember a special moment tied to that piece. It could be a photograph, an old vase you found while antiquing with girlfriends, or even a bouquet of your favorite flowers. You’ve probably noticed a trend of decorating with signs lately. Signs are a great way to personalize your living spaces and the best part is … they’re relatively inexpensive and they’re easy to make if you choose to go the DIY route.

Farmhouse Kitchen by Waco Design-Build Firms Magnolia Homes

There are 2 signs in this kitchen. Do you see them both? I love the big Super Market sign, which is totally appropriate for a kitchen. The “fresh” sign hints at the cook’s preference for fresh items to create home cooked meals.


Rustic Home Bar by Mccall General Contractors Pinetop Custom Homes

The big Saloon sign makes it quite clear what this space is all about, as does the neon Bar sign. I like the mix of a vintage sign in the same space with a modern sign.


Beverly Hills Interior Designers & Decorators DTM INTERIORS

Subway signs have become extremely popular recently. Make one of your own that lists some of your favorite vacation spots to give it a personal touch.


Eclectic Kids by North Wales Home Builders W.B. Homes, Inc.

A camp style sign takes up residence between 2 boy’s twin beds.


Farmhouse Dining Room by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Lisa Gildar Interior Spaces

Fancy lettering adds pizzazz to an Apple sign in this dining/kitchen space.


Beach Style Dining Room by Miami Architects & Building Designers Village Architects AIA, Inc.

Is bigger better? This Beach House sign adds a bit of whimsy and certainly makes a statement.


Contemporary Living Room by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Kelly Deck Design

Here’s another example of a subway sign. You really can’t go wrong with these signs. They work well in any style decor.


Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Enclosures Architects

Do you remember S&H Green Stamps? I used to love helping my mother lick and stick them onto the cards, to be turned in later for various items. See what I mean about personalizing a space with signs? This one brought back fond childhood memories for me.


Bedroom by San Francisco Photographers Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

A country style bedroom wears a Rooms for Tourists sign. The font is simple and the colors are appealing.


Family Room by Ojai Interior Designers & Decorators Kelley & Company Home

A large beach-themed sign balances the size of the dresser beneath it. If you love the beach, a sign like this continually conjures up memories of vacations enjoyed at the ocean.


Eclectic Living Room by Baltimore Media & Bloggers Michaela Dodd

An Antiques sign is a dead giveaway for what this homeowner enjoys.


Eclectic Bedroom by Other Metro Photographers Adrienne DeRosa

Time to fess up! Have you ever wanted to snag a street sign because it meant something special to you? I know I have! But I’ve never done it because I’m too chicken and didn’t want to suffer the consequences of getting caught.

Have you done any decorating with signs in your home?


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  1. I have an old road sign that has my Dad’s name on it…Here since 911 came in, they name the road after the oldest resident in that area…someone knocked the sign down and ran over is damaged, but I ask the police jury if I could have the old one when they put the new one up and of course they said I could…I want to hang it either in my kitchen or on my front porch…do you have any suggestions as to how I might hang it? Thanks….and by the way I love your posts…..Ann

  2. I see signs that I would love to decorate with, but just cannot find the place for them. I have a vintage-style BASKET sign over a collection of wicker baskets and enjoy that. Love the signs you have shown. The BEACH HOUSE sign really grabs your attention.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrye Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Love the signs, but must say the one that holds near and dear to my heart is that S&H Green Stamps sign…As a young bride, I used to save and save my green stamps as it was the only way I was able to get home accessories for my house!…I still have the very first thing I got with S&H…a Milk glass basket…Have a great weekend!

  4. I too like the S & H greenstamp sign and one I would love to have to display. My first record player was purchased with those stamps my mom collected from Colonial Stores, wow – would love to have a colonial store sign. Great post.

  5. Thanks so much for this! I’m a sucker for vintage signs and these are gorgeous. I do have one question: My wife and I have been arguing over a vintage Amber Bock neon sign I’ve had for years. What kind of decor would best be complimented by a large, ornate neon sign? Or, if you want to team up with my wife, should I just try to sell the sign or throw it away? Thanks!