Winter Mantel: Candles and Nature

After taking down all the Christmas decorations, my house was looking cold and barren. I thought about what I could do to cozy things up and decided to create a winter mantel. Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers was on the same wavelength. She organized a small group of bloggers to all share our winter mantels today. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Winter Mantel Ideas


If you’re coming here from Blesser House … welcome!  I love Lauren’s beautiful home. And now, here’s my winter mantel and the details of my inspiration.

Winter Mantel in a Circa 1875 Farmhouse


I know, I know. It’s not that frosty. I didn’t want it to look too much like Christmas. But my winter mantel does have cozy elements like candles and texture!

Elements of a Winter Mantel


Elements of a Winter Mantel


My Inspiration ~ Winter Blues

The inspiration for my winter mantel?  This beautiful dark blue candle holder with a butterfly etching. I saw it in Cocoon, my favorite home decor store located in Geneva. The color reminds me of the color of the winter sky once the sun has just set.

Navy Blue Candle Holder with Butterfly Etching


My vintage aqua bottles are the perfect accompaniment to the dark blue candle holder.

Vintage Bottles and Blue Votive Candle Holders


Vintage Aqua Bottles


While I was in Cocoon, I found a few more votive holders in my favorite shades of blue.

Blue Votive Holder on a Winter Mantel


Cocoon is located in an old house divided into multiple stores. In fact, the majority of stores are in historic homes on Third Street.

Blue Votive Holder on a Winter Mantel


A Bit of Nature

I was on a roll and continued my hunt in the store for coordinating items for my winter mantel. I wanted a nature poster and found the vintage-style bird poster for just a few dollars.

Bird Poster


Bird Poster


The wood and rope were added to create a hanging poster using my handy poster tutorial. A pair of grapevine wreaths with natural ribbon flank the birds and mimic the embossed wreath pattern on the ceiling tins behind the poster.

Winter Mantel with Candles and Nature


Winter Mantel Details

The grapevine wreaths are from the craft store; I made bows and hot-glued them onto the wreaths. The wreaths are hot-glued in one small spot onto the ceiling tins. They’ll pop right off without hurting the tins when I’m ready to take them down.

Grapevine Wreath with Natural Ribbon


Below the bird poster is a beautiful birch bark flower holder, also found at Cocoon. Small glass vials are located inside and hold water if I ever want to use fresh flowers (which I’m sure I will).

Birch Bark Flower Holder


Birch Bark Flower Holder


My winter mantel includes two vintage mirrors. The mirrors help to bounce the light around on gray winter days.

Winter Mantel Details. Candles, Mirrors and Vintage Bottles


Winter Mantel in a Circa 1875 Farmhouse

My winter mantel features winter blues … with an anticipation of spring to come!

Create a Beautiful Mantel with Simple Items

Whitewashed Mirror  |  Rustic Candlestick  |  Bird Poster

English Garland  |  Pfaltzgraff Votive  |  Blue Patterned Votive

Sea Glass Votives  |  Birch Bark Vase  |  Vintage Aqua Bottles


Visit my blogging friends to see how they’ve decorated their mantels for winter. Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers is up next with her beautiful mantel.

Winter Mantel at Design, Dining and Diapers


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  1. So pretty . Love your winter mantel.
    Those shades of blue are perfect,and that vintage bird

  2. I love your mantle and was curious where you got the birch bark balls. I didn’t see them in your sources at the end.
    Thank you!

  3. Love your mantle! I still haven’t put away Christmas. Will tackle that this weekend. I have really enjoyed my fully decorated holiday home this year. I have been mulling over how I can do some downsizing and simplificationwhile still enjoying some winter charm and coziness! Will bring some more nature oriented items into my Pantone green living room and decided some birch would add just the touch I’m looking for so I ordered a birch floral vase on Etsy! Can’t wait so see what I can come up with. I will send you a photo so you can see what you have inspired!

  4. I love blue and birds so, i love what you did. Actually when it is cold that is what we do stand at a window and watch birds.

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS, Jennifer! I love all of the blue tones and natural textures. I wish this Cocoon store was near me. I’d probably spend way too much time just browsing and drooling over everything.

  6. I love the bird poster! The birds are so colorful! I just took down my tree today and you are giving me inspiration to replace my Christmas decorations with something else that I will love. I use to live near Geneva and was able to shop at all those wonderful stores. Now I am living in Kentucky and have not found my shopping venues yet!

  7. So pretty Jennifer!! I love the blues; and how light and bright and airy this all feels! Definitely super cheery and cozy on those grey January days!