Did I Decorate for Fall? Maybe Just a Little

This year I didn’t join any autumn tours with my fellow bloggers. I wasn’t sure if I’d decorate for fall this year. With a full-time job and spending our weekends getting away more, I just didn’t know if I’d have time. I did manage to make a few subtle changes to a couple of rooms in the house, but nothing major.

Decorate for fall by adding gourds and a leaf garland to a vintage mantel

My black vintage mantel got the most fall decor in the house. My tree bark wreath had been hanging on the front door but I replaced it with a magnolia wreath and this bark one needed a new home so I hung it in front of the large round mirror.

I broke down and bought the gingko leaf garland that I kept admiring. The yellow and green pops against the dark mantel. I added large dried gourds in a wooden bowl and my bronze booker candlesticks to frame it all.

Decorate for fall by adding gourds and a leaf garland to a vintage mantel


Does a golden yellow tassel pillow count as fall décor? The leaves on our big maple tree out front will soon be the same color. When the tree is in full color, it looks like it’s glowing.

country style sitting room with rattan chairs - decorate for fall


I did add a fall floral pick next to the wooden mushroom, that counts too, right?

fall vignette with vases, floral pick, and wooden mushroom


The only thing I did in the dining room was to swap out my four feather prints for the larger landscape print that used to be in my bedroom. My sansaveria, aka snake plant, is doing really well. If you need a super easy-to-care-for plant, this is it!

Landscape painting over wooden dining room buffet


I actually love that plant so much, I bought another one which has also grown a bit since I got it a year ago. It graces my entryway and pairs up with a handblown amber pickling jar from France. If you want a great resource for unique French pieces for your home, check out Elsie Green. I’ve bought a few things from there and am never disappointed.

Handblown amber pickling jar and sansaveria


I haven’t changed anything in the entry. The pillows and throw work well for fall and the plants are all doing great, which makes me happy. There’s something so satisfying about keeping plants alive and healthy. It’s like raising children, but they don’t talk back and don’t create messes.

decorate for fall in the entryway with wooden bench and cozy pillows and throw


In the kitchen I didn’t really decorate for fall in the least bit. I did, however, start a new collection of green canning and oil bottles from France. Hubby was making homemade spaghetti sauce and stuck a stem of oregano from our garden in the oil bottle. I liked the way it looked as it dried so I left it there.

French olive jar in the kitchen with coffee mugs


Since our kitchen floor is green, I decided to start collecting vintage green canning jars (and similar) to add a touch of green on the counters and shelves. It might not be fall décor, but it will work especially well for Christmas.

kitchen hutch with vintage green French canning jars


Fall is apple-picking season around here so a white ironstone bowl with red apples counts as a way to decorate for fall, at least in my book it does. Truth be told, I gave most of my fall decorations to my oldest daughter. I’m trying to cut back on all the frou-frou in the house. But I did get a new Haden toaster that I decided to keep out on the counter because I think it’s cute. It’s to the right of the sink, in case you couldn’t tell. Reminds me of a SMEG toaster at a fraction of the cost.

Green and white farmhouse kitchen

And that, my friends, is how I “decorated” for fall this year. Not a lot of fanfare, and not a lot of stress. I might adopt the same attitude for Christmas too. Really I don’t even want to think about that right now. LOL.


If you’re interested in where to find some of my “fall” decor, just click on the photos below:



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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    For years I have followed you and enjoyed ever bit. This past summer, our province, especially our area , the Okanagan, in BC, was a blaze with forest fires. We had a brief time where our home was threatened and we had to decide what we valued the most to take at short notice. This really changed how I felt about my “stuff”. All my beautiful decor and items collected over the years. There was so much it was impossible to decide. I realized that it was okay to loose it all. Fortunately it did not come to that, but I do now feel that less is more. Keeping more simple and appreciating people and relationships even more than before. I still love to decorate but am keeping it simple.
    I see you too have simplified. 😀 here’s to a calm quiet winter of reflection..

    1. Hi Angie! First, I’m so glad your home wasn’t destroyed by the fires. That must have been frightening and stressful all at once. If I had time to save just a few things from our home, I’d make sure to corral the cats. Second, thank you for being a regular reader! That means a lot to me. I always hope I share things that interest and inspire others. 🙂

  2. I love how you decorated for fall, just enough for a change and added fall colors. I love your kitchen.

  3. I love the fact that you repurpose the use of your decorations. The landscape portrait being used as a centerpiece in another room is an excellent time/money saver! I especially love the tree bark wreath! Great ideas here. Thank you.

  4. I always enjoy you, your blog and your home. If it’s a warm yellow pillow or a brown tree branch that makes you happy for fall then it’s perfect. Love it all. I’m due for a little R&R slowness myself. I think the simplest forms of nature make the best fall and Thanksgiving decor. Nothing extravagant here either and that works great!

  5. Using green glass jars in your kitchen is GENIUS! They are so symbiotic with your floors and will be perfectly adaptable with every season! Smart choice, smart lady 😉