Create a Welcoming Entryway: Cozy Living

Stepping through the front door, friends and visitors get a first impression of your home. I try to create a welcoming entryway in hopes that people feel happy and warm when they walk inside.   The first thing you see when walking in my front door is this corner by the window. It's not really an entryway per se, but I defined it as such with the use of a small throw rug. You're really walking into the dining room, but I created this … [Read more...]

Easy Houseplants Create Cozy Spring Living

Spring flowers typically populate my home this time of year, but 2019 is the year of easy houseplants for me. See how to create cozy spring living with a variety of pretty greenery.   I'm completely smitten with Philodendron Brasil. The heart-shaped leaves feature a pretty pairing of dark and light green and the plant cascades so gracefully.   Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow is one of many easy houseplants to consider adding … [Read more...]

How Paint Adds Warmth to My Family Room

I did it. I finally worked up the courage to brush dark paint on some of the walls in my home. And let me just say that I love how paint adds warmth to my family room!   Today is the first Saturday of the month so it means I'm joining a few blogging friends for our Cozy Living series. You can visit their links at the bottom of this post to see how they enjoy cozy appeal in the month of February. I'm enjoying it with a new coat of … [Read more...]

New Rug in My Sitting Room: Cozy Living

Today is the first Saturday of January and that means it's time for another Cozy Living post with my blogging friends. I cozied up my dining room for the winter with a new area rug in brown, beige, and sage green. Similar to the colors in the landscape painting on the wall. (This post contains affiliate links.)   You may or may not have noticed the new rug during my Christmas home tour. I found both the area rug and new coffee table … [Read more...]

Embrace Winter with Faux Fur Decor

Embrace the cold short days of winter with cozy faux fur decor indoors. I'm not a big fan of winter but I'm trying really hard to enjoy it.     Today is the first Saturday of the month, which means it's Cozy Living Saturday when a few friends of mine get together to show our favorite ways to live cozily. You can visit everyone's cozy goodness - links are at the end of the post. Although I love getting cozy decorating for … [Read more...]

New Dining Rugs for Cozy Warmth

Goodbye bamboo script mats. Hello new dining rugs! I'm adding cozy warmth to my home this fall and winter by replacing my bamboo mats with cushy rugs. (This post contains affiliate links.)   Since today is the first Saturday of the month - it means it's Cozy Living Saturday where my blogging friends and I share how we make life cozy! So this is the perfect time to share the new rugs I've added to my dining room. After scouring through … [Read more...]

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Today it's 80 degrees in Illinois. On Thursday and Friday the temps drop down to the 40s. This is fall weather in the Midwest. To be prepared for the temperature drop, I like to create a cozy reading corner in my house. Here's a few ideas to help you create your own special place. Photo by Lisa Burdus Interior Design A cozy reading corner starts with a big comfy chair. I've always been fond of tufted furniture, and this chair looks like it's … [Read more...]

Easy Transition to Cozy Fall Decorating

Happy First Day of September!! The days are slowly getting shorter and cooler and it's time to transition to cozy fall decorating. I'm making it easy on myself this year by changing the color scheme and swapping out a few vignettes. (This post contains affiliate links.)   A favorite tip of mine for transitioning decor from one season to the next is - Choose a color scheme! About a month ago I talked about a fall color I'm crushing on … [Read more...]

Garden Tour and Sneak Peek of the New Pond!

August has arrived and there's no place I'd rather be than outside enjoying sunshine and nature. The flowers are at their peak so I thought I'd share my garden tour with you - along with a peek at my new backyard garden pond!   It's the first Saturday of the month which means I'm joining a few blogging buddies to share ways to cozy up your living during the month of August. For me, August is all about the garden and relishing its … [Read more...]

Make a Summer Birdhouse Wreath in Minutes!

See how to make a cheerful summer birdhouse wreath to brighten any room in your home. A few inexpensive supplies and less than an hour of your time is all that's needed!   Welcome to the month of June! It's the first Saturday which means it's time for another Cozy Living post! I'm joining my cozy blogging friends to bring you inspiration for enjoying the month of June. I like to create a few pretties for my home when I'm feeling … [Read more...]

Create a Cozy Time-Out Corner

Do  you remember putting your child in "time-out" when they needed a break from misbehavior? I decided sometimes we need a break from the stress of life and should have our own cozy time-out corner! The difference however, is that the latter corner is a reward to yourself!   Today I'm joining a few blogging friends for another Cozy Living session. Check out everyone's cozy ideas for April at the end of this post. Work is getting busy, … [Read more...]

Cozy Easter Brunch for Two

Welcome to the March edition of our Cozy Living Series! Each month our small group of bloggers shares how they enjoy cozy living during that particular month. You'll find everyone's links at the end of this post. For me, March is the time to prepare for spring. Today I'm sharing a cozy Easter brunch for two. (This post contains affiliate links.)   My new dining table from Pottery Barn is set with farmhouse style. I love the cozy appeal … [Read more...]

A Cozy Painted Mantel and Village

Welcome to the February installment of our Cozy Living Series! In case you're new, let me tell you that the first Saturday of each month a few of my friends and I share something that creates comfort and coziness in our lives. Think of it as the American version of Danish Hygge. I've been trying to add a bit of depth and layers to rooms in our house and recently decided to create a cozy painted mantel in a beautiful shade of gray.   In … [Read more...]

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