DIY Botanic Print Art Project

I don’t consider myself much of an artist but I do like to tinker with creating pretty things. At least, I hope they’ll be pretty when I’m finished with them. Today I’m sharing an easy DIY botanic print art project. Earlier this month at our local flea market I ran across this beautiful botanic artichoke print and was inspired to turn it into an art project.

DIY Artichoke Botanic Print Wall ArtHere’s my finished project, a botanic print framed in book pages.

I love botanic prints and I love artichokes!


Craft Supplies for DIY Botanic Art ProjectOnly a few supplies are needed for this DIY botanic print art project.

An art canvas, a botanic print, book pages, and a little Mod Podge.


Position Botanic Print on Canvas before applyingFirst, center your print on the canvas to determine space needed to fill with book pages.


Wrapping book pages around edges of canvas to create book page frameStart ripping the edges off of the book pages so you have jagged edges.

Apply Mod Podge to canvas and apply pages, wrapping them around the edge of the canvas.

Use your fingers to carefully smooth the pages down. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


Book pages glued to canvas to create faux frameApply the book pages around the perimeter of the canvas.

As you work, wash your fingers off from time to time.

You’ll get ink from the pages on your fingers and don’t want smudge marks.


DIY Botanic Print Art ProjectNext you’ll need to center the botanic print on the canvas.

I measured from the edges and lightly marked the corner positions with pencil.


DIY Botanic Print Art ProjectWorking quickly, apply Mod Podge to the canvas and atop the edges of the book pages.

You’ll want to apply the glue in the area where you’re placing the botanic print.

Carefully place your print and then smooth with your fingers.


Details of botanic artichoke printCreases are okay! They will give your artwork more of an aged look.


DIY Botanic Art Print ProjectRather than hang my DIY botanic art print on the wall, I set it in a rustic wooden tray.

Looking at it now, I think I want to add something around the perimeter of the print itself.

Maybe some roping would add a little dimension and set the print off better.


DIY Botanic Art Print Project on a Shabby Chic DresserI like to rearrange artwork in the house to give it a fresh look.

You could use any kind of print or poster to create your own DIY art project using canvas.

Let your imagination run free and see what you can create!


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  1. I LOVE this! What a creative way to freshen up your space. I love the way it looks in the wooden tray and against the painted white furniture. Totally inspirational!

  2. I paint botanicals and would like to share my art with you. Infact I have a watercolor of an artichoke original, print, and notecard if you would me to you a photo. Perhaps you can work it into a project. Thanks! kathi