DIY Bunny Eggs for Spring Decorating

Do you enjoy crafting and decorating for spring? Then you’re in the right place! I’m joining a few blog friends today to share fun projects with you. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone and created these DIY bunny eggs for spring decorating.

DIY Bunny Eggs for Spring and Easter Decorating


I’ve always wanted to try a hollowed-out egg craft but have been nervous to do so. I was happy to find it wasn’t nearly as scary as I’d originally thought. I guess I expected lots of broken eggs and a few tears!

First, you need to remove the guts of the eggs. Use the tip of a paring knife or other sharp object to lightly tap and poke a hole in the pointier end of the egg. Keep tapping away until you have a hole about the size of a dime.

How to Poke Holes in Eggs


Gently shake the egg until the whites and yolk drip out. If part of the egg gets stuck, slide a small knife inside the shell to break the yolk and loosen up the whites. I let mine drip into a Tupperware container to save in the refrigerator and whip up a batch of scrambled eggs later.

How to Hollow Out an Egg


Gently rinse out the egg with cool water. Shake out any excess water and pat the outside of the shell with a paper towel to dry.

How to Hollow Out an Egg


Cut bunny ears from pink or white felt and hot glue onto the back of the egg. I applied the glue to the felt and then pressed the ears in place. Make sure the hole is the top of the bunny head.

How to Make Bunny Eggs


Using a calligraphy pen or sharpie, draw faces on the eggs. Place the eggs in a miniature muffin liner and place in an egg cup.

How to Make Bunny Eggs


Tuck tiny faux flowers into the hole. You could also partially fill the eggs with water and use real flowers.

DIY Bunny Eggs for Spring


Place an egg on plates for a place setting, set them on a windowsill, or use them as a mantel decoration.

DIY Bunny Eggs for Spring and Easter Decorating


Although egg shells are fragile, I didn’t break a single one – so I’m pretty proud of myself for that. It doesn’t take much to humor me.

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