Mother’s Day Printable: Celebrations of Home

Mother’s Day is a month away and I’m feeling a bit melancholic about it. My mother passed away earlier this year after struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. I know she wouldn’t want me to be sad, and rather than mourn losing her, I’d prefer to celebrate her life. I’ve created a Mother’s Day printable for you to download; the quote pretty much sums up how I’ve always felt about mom. I’m joining several bloggers today to celebrate our wonderful mothers.

Free Printable. Mother's Day Quote

My mom has always been my best friend. She was my favorite person growing up, with the exception of my high school years (but wouldn’t every teen rather spend time with their friends than with their parents)?


My Mom and My Favorite Dog

Here’s mom with my dog, Bojo. No one in our family was ever allowed to have a dog. My mom was a bit of a neat freak (well, that’s an understatement) and pets created more work when it came to cleaning. But for some reason, she let me have a dog after all my siblings had grown up and moved out. We drove together to pick him up when I was in high school, and he stole both of our hearts!


College Graduation Day

This is a scanned photo of mom and me on my college graduation day. As a little girl I always hoped I’d be her maid and live with her the rest of my life.

She gave me the greatest gift by teaching me what unconditional love was simply through her example and forgiving nature. It’s tragic that anyone has to grow up not feeling that way about their mother. I know I’m truly blessed to have had her as my mom, and so my Mother’s Day printable sums up how I’ve always felt … that her love is like ribbons around my heart.


Free Mother's Day Printable

I still feel her love in my heart even though she’s left my earthly presence. My mother read her Bible every morning, jotting notes in her notebook about what she’d learned. I have no doubts she’s in a better place, rejoicing and celebrating her new life where there is no pain or suffering.


Free Mother's Day Printable

You can download the Mother’s Day printable here.


Free Mother's Day Printable

After printing mine, I carefully tore the edges off. I wanted a slightly ragged edge.


Free Mother's Day Printable

Then I chose a complementary paper to layer it on top and give it a dimensional look.


Free Mother's Day Printable

Then I simply used a clothespin to hang it from a tin wall hanging. I used double-sided tape to attach the printable to my sheet music paper, which lends a bit of a 3-D appearance. Of course, you can simply print and frame it, too.

I will never forget my mother’s love or all the wonderful memories I have of her. When she passed it was a blessing because Alzheimer’s stole her mind and ate away at her body until she was just a shell of the amazing woman she’d once been.


Memories of My Mother

On the left is my mother’s high school picture. When I’d visit my grandmother’s house for several days, I asked her to hide that photo because it would make me miss my mom too much. On the right is my mother in her early 80s, a few years before she became bedridden.


Free Printable. Mother's Day Quote

Thank you, Mom, for showing how to be a woman of grace and patience in all situations. Your strength is always with me and the ribbons of your love are forever woven around my heart!  I will never forget you …


April Celebrations of Home

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  1. That was a beautiful tribute to your mother! I feel the same way about my mom – my best friend! She died 4 years ago but my memory of her is as fresh as yesterday! Thanks for sharing.