Create Pretty Vignettes to Lighten Your Spirit

We’re all living in a crazy time right now and many of us might be worried or scared, which is entirely normal. None of us really knows what this virus might send our way. Sometimes when life throws me a curve ball, I remind myself of life’s simple pleasures and try to find joy in little things. So today, I’m sharing pretty vignettes that you can create in your own home to lift your spirits.

Vintage Bottles with a Country Landscape PaintingPhoto by Lisa Gabrielson Design


Above, a trio of pretty bottles congregate beneath a beautiful landscape painting. You don’t have to buy anything new to create vignettes; you can shop your home and gather new things together in new ways.

Below, nature-inspired pottery features its simple beauty in a vintage hutch. For me, vignettes bring a smile to my face and put me in a more positive mood. It’s part of why I love plants so much. They symbolize life and growth to me, no matter what external circumstances might be.

Nature Inspired Pottery Displayed in a Vintage Kitchen HutchPhoto by Theresa Fine


I love the vignette created on this kitchen wall. Nature prints are all framed in black, and the wooden spoons provide an unexpected whimsical touch. Seeing this display in my own kitchen would surely make me smile every day. I need to find a spot to create something similar.

Nature Prints and Wooden Spoons Create Display on Kitchen WallPhoto by Chris Snook


It might seem silly to think about decorating during a time like this when the world is battling a dangerous new virus, but I think it’s important to enjoy our hobbies to maintain emotional strength. Each person deals with stress in different ways. I find relief through creativity and exercise. So go ahead and cut a few spring branches and bring them inside to freshen your home.

Floral Branches in White PotteryPhoto by Davenport Designs


Or find a new pot for one of your plants. 

I do hope that all of you are doing okay through these crazy days. And I hope we can all find ways to help make life a little easier on each other. This virus outbreak is sure to effect each and every one of us in some way, shape, or form. 

Potted TopiaryPhoto by Boråstapeter


Do you have spring flowers coming up in your garden? My daffodils will bloom soon and I plan to bring some inside to brighten our home and make the day’s news feel less sobering. Today I heard they’re closing all public schools in Ohio and Maryland. I’m sure more will follow. My grandson is mad that his school hasn’t closed yet. LOL.

White Flowers in Vintage Vases Creates Pretty VignettePhoto by Boråstapeter


Consider fragrance when creating a pretty vignette. Dried lavender or eucalyptus are great scents to have in the home. I have a lavender candle that I light when I’m feeling a little blue. It always helps. 

Lavender in a Vintage Tin PitcherPhoto by 有限会社グリーンアンドハウス


Fresh Eucalyptus in White VasesPhoto by Everest Home Improvements


We can only hope and pray that this pandemic doesn’t last too long or do too much damage. You never know what tomorrow holds, but for today, try to let your light shine. And if creating a pretty vignette lifts your spirits, then by all means, find joy in creativity!

Spring Flowering Branches in Vases on Painted DresserPhoto by Lola Nova


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  1. Thank you and it is so true, life does get crazy at times.. I just have to remember , God is still in control.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that sweet natural pretty things in your home are nice, calming and comforting. And it only takes a minute to put together or clean up after a week of enjoyment.

  3. You are so right – it’s more important now to do the things that bring us comfort, happiness, calm and peace. Thanks for your lovely blog!

  4. How did you hang your wooden spoons? Looking to do this idea with other recipes in frames but can’t figure out how to hang the spoons!