DIY Cigar Box Planters

Over the years I’ve shared some of my favorite collections with you … white ironstone, aqua bottles, and vintage books. But I don’t think I’ve ever shared how much I love wooden cigar boxes. Yes … smelly old cigar boxes! I prefer the more rustic ones and truth be told, I love the smell of a good cigar! With spring in the air I’m itching to get my fingers in the dirt and what better way to get my fix than with DIY cigar box planters?

Pansies in a Cigar BoxI filled one with pretty yellow and purple pansies!

I love their delicate, happy faces paired with a rustic cigar box.


DIY Cigar Box Planters with SucculentsAnother box gets filled with gorgeous succulents and moss.

Two different looks, and I don’t know which one I like better.


Stack of Cigar BoxesYou can find cigar boxes at flea markets and thrift stores, but they’re likely to charge you too much money for them. I purchase mine at Binny’s Beverage Depot for $1.50 each. I’ve seen them at the flea market for as much as $10.


How to Make a Cigar Box PlanterTo make the pansy planter, line the cigar box with parchment paper. I used foil-lined parchment for mine. It protects the wood from moisture when you water the plants.


Cigar Box Planters with PansiesPlace your plants inside and fill in with potting soil as needed.

Add a little moss to hide the dirt. Let some spill over the edges.


DIY Cigar Box PlanterI love the type and markings on cigar boxes.

Some of them look vintage even though they’re new.


How to make a cigar box planterFor the succulents planter, fill the cigar box with sand. Since succulents don’t need much watering, I didn’t bother to line the box with parchment paper. Plus this box has thicker wood. You can keep the sand as is, or add something decorative on top, like pebbles or moss.


DIY Cigar Box Planter with SucculentsAll that’s left to do is place your succulents on top of the moss.

You can add other decorative elements like small seashells.


DIY Cigar Box Planter with SucculentsAren’t succulents beautiful? I love how this red one catches the light.


Red SucculentIt’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. They look like little flowers.

I chose this one because of its red-tipped leaves.


How to turn a simple cigar box into a planter for succulentsSuch an easy project that didn’t take much time.

I want to make a few more to place around the house!


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