My Painted Claw Foot Tub

Something came over me this weekend and I made a snap decision to paint my claw foot tub. It was one of those moments where you wake up with the idea and then while you’re in the middle of the project you suddenly panic and think, “What am I doing??” A couple weeks ago I had no inclination to change my bathroom and I’m not really sure what prompted this project, but my painted claw foot tub now has a new look!

Farmhouse Bathroom with Painted Claw Foot TubI decided I wanted a bold stroke of color in my bathroom, and was all set to paint my claw foot tub a beautiful Duck Egg Blue. But that didn’t end up happening.


Farmhouse Bathroom with Painted Claw Foot TubI went to Carter’s Cottage Interiors to pick up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and saw the sample of Provence blue out the corner of my eye and fell in love. A little brighter and more saturated in hue than the Duck Egg blue, I thought Provence would provide the boldness I was looking for.


French Style Claw Foot TubHere’s what my claw foot tub looked like a few days ago. Although I love the fleur-de-lis on the white tub, I was tired of it. If you read my blog regularly you know I’ve been drawn to brighter colors lately. Looking at this photo … I have to admit I now miss my fleur-de-lis! Sigh. I guess I’m fickle.


Painted Claw Foot Tub in Provence - Annie Sloan Chalk PaintI do love this new color though. And the beauty of paint is … I can always change it later. It’s so easy painting the outside of the tub with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I don’t need to wax it after painting like I normally would with a piece of furniture.


Wire Shelf in Farmhouse BathroomI moved my wire shelf from the dining room in here and added yellow towels.


Daffodils and Pansies on a Farmhouse Bathroom ShelfDaffodils and violas on the shelf above the tub add a little more yellow.


Farmhouse Bathroom with Painted Claw Foot TubI’m now on the hunt for a bathroom rug with yellow in it!

Oh, and once the moment of panic passed, I was glad I decided to paint the tub.

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery!


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  1. omg, love it!

  2. Beautiful! I love the new color!

  3. It’s stunning! I love the colour with all the yellow and I want your metal shelf!!!

  4. Dani & cats says:

    Very nice “Spring clean up”. I too love the fleur-de-lis sign. So pretty.I would paint it on again in a white or cream โ€ฆ.

  5. Jennifer your new color looks great along with your adorable bathroom!

  6. Gorgeous! I have a claw foot tub languishing under my deck, awaiting our MBA reno. I think she’ll be this color!

  7. Love Love the tub and new look in the bathroom! The yellow is so fresh. HATE the pop up advertisements that kept blocking your fun pics…..

  8. I loved it before! I love it now! You could even add back the fleur de lis now; it would look great!!

  9. Shoppe No. 5 Debra says:

    I like both looks. The new paint color is so spring and summerlike. I also like the yellow accent color.

  10. Love the bold color scheme and your bathroom looks so fresh and cheerful1

  11. Oh my gosh!! Its wonderful! What a bright spot and cheery…wish I had it in my bathroom!

  12. Marsha Kern says:

    It looks wonderful! Good job!

  13. Jennifer I’m loving the change. I think it makes the tub pop. The accessories are pretty. Good luck finding your rug


  14. Oh, yes, LOVE this new color!!! Visual therapy……..perks ya right up……good job… the accessories and the painted mirror too……..

  15. This looks so good! I’m glad to see your bathroom color scheme because my clawfoot tub is about the same colors, inside and out.
    The inside of mine looks like it has chipped off some at the bottom from years (decades?) of water since the last painting. Is this something you’ve had to deal with?

  16. it looks wonderful!

  17. You can always add the fluer de Lis to the outside of the tub.
    pretty color; pretty bathroom!

  18. Looks lovely! I love blue and yellow together. Very pretty bathroom.

  19. I love that pop of color! And if you really miss the fleur de lis you could add one back to the blue!

  20. I’ve always been such a fan of your bathroom & tub, BUT not I’m obsessed!! I love the color & the yellow pops & accessories ! Looks even better now then before ..didn’t think that was possible!


  21. Merri Jo Schaubroeck says:

    Jennifer, i love flour de lis & have them in many different forms in my decor, but the Provence blue–be still my heart! I LOVE it! I painted a small medical cabinet in ASCP Pb last summer for my craft room & it just feels like it set the tone for the whole room.
    I can’t think of a fresher, more inviting color scheme when combine with the sunny yellow!
    *with this crazy blustery wind, tonight would be a good night for a leisurely soak ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Merri Jo Schaubroeck says:

    *fleur….blasted auto-correct!

  23. I love the new colour and you can paint a fleur de lys on it in white if you really miss it!

  24. Beautiful color combination to make a cheerful bathroom. The cabinet in our newly remodeled shower is aged jade and about that same color. I have used a few yellow accessories, but should add more … because yours looks great. Love the towel shelf.
    I have one on order and so anxious to get it.
    Audrey Z.

  25. Jennifer, I love the new color!

  26. The color is beautiful on the tub, love it!!

  27. I have your “before” tub pinned and listed as my all time favorite claw foot tub. I currently have a tiny 4′ claw foot being being refinished on the inside. When I saw that you painted the outside of your tub it inspired me to try painting something on the outside of mine. I just don’t want to mess it up but I am feeling inspired after reading your great blog posts. The updated version is really pretty also, but the white one white one with the fleur de lis is my first love.

  28. Hi,
    I’m just wondering ( a few years on) whether the chalk paint is still intact? I’m thinking of doing the same ๐Ÿ™‚

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