Fall Scenes and Spooky Houses

Fall is my favorite season! It’s so rich in color and the earth is just bursting with its harvest. There’s a magical feel in the air that stirs the soul on a crisp autumn night lit by a full moon. On recent walks I took some photos of the beauty of this earth and season, along with a couple of homes that have a haunting aura about them.

Lace up your shoes and join me for a walk in the woods!
Even though it’s a gloomy day out, the trees glow in their bask of autumn color.
I opened up the shutter on my camera and used the tripod to get a brighter picture.
Time to kick up some leaves on this invigorating journey down a woodsy path. 
The crunch of leaves underfoot is a comforting sound.

Do you have official rustic roads where you live?
Or how about majestic old homes like this one in Galena that you’re convinced are haunted?
I’m convinced my own 135-year old home has a ghost that comes around once in a great while.
(This house and the one below are not my house.)
A few unexplained events have occurred in our house that are a little creepy.
 Like the time my daughter’s dresser fell over onto the floor all on its own,
while the girls were in the room. It freaked them out!
Or the time the kids were playing cards with a friend,
and all the cards were blown onto the floor … and no window was open.
And then there was that Saturday when I was home all alone in the kitchen, 
and an overpowering perfume filled the room with a brief chill in the air.
I asked who was there but she didn’t answer.
I don’t wear perfume and no candles were burning.
Every couple of years we experience some weird phenomenon in our home.
Although our home doesn’t look like these spooky houses, those events always makes me pause and wonder.
The colors are just bursting here and I’m enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.
I wish the days were a bit longer so we could enjoy the colors longer through the day.
I’m looking forward to Halloween. How about you?

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  1. OOOOOOhhhhhhh how SCARY!

    My best friend growing up had ghost stuff happen all the time in their old home…..and they were all friendly and not scared at all.

    They just lived with it is all.

    Once I found out I was too scared to stay there anymore, what a big baby kid I was, haha, but it DID freak me out!

    As for your HOME my word it is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    And that pretty winding walk you took us on with the bright yellow leaves – just WOW.

  2. Like you Jenn, we had some very strange occurances in our last home, which was a newly built home. While the events that happened every so often were unexplainable, I never felt scared. We just accepted that someone was with us and when we moved it never happened again. So I’m not sure if it is just old homes that have scary things happen.

  3. I don’t normally believe in spooks and ghosts, but we’ve had some unexplained noises in our old house, too!

    Gorgeous day to be out in the fall colors! You picked some homes fit for a feature in a horror flick!

  4. Old homes do have wonderful charm. Your home does sound haunted. lol
    We hear footsteps at times and of course no one is there. My husband and I tell our children it’s the house settling. I’m sure that’s it. 🙂

  5. Oh Jennifer,
    Creepy scary but yet so interesting. I’m glad that it’s you and not me! Love the pictures, I have never been to Galena, I really need to go for a visit. I probably wouldn’t want to come back. Have a great day.

  6. Thank goodness my 110 and 120 year old homes have NO ghost! Although sometimes I think Grandmother is at 1515…a fork fell on the floor in the kitchen..it was not near the edge.
    Your braver than I am!
    Thanks for taking us on the beautiful walk.

  7. I am glad my house is not haunted but I think yours may be LOL. Beautiful pictures I love the winding driveway. I like driveways that are winding they add charm.

  8. I love ghost stories, so it all sounded totally interesting to me!
    I got to spend many hours in the 1810’ish home that my G-G-G Grandparents built before it was so sadly raised—and had a very ghostly-like experience. I hope it was my name-sake acknowledging me!
    –btw–I think I have seen that 1st house when I have visited Galena!

  9. I never experienced any ghosts 😉 I remember Steph told me about the dresser, but I don’t actually remember it. I guess I was the only one who didn’t encounter the ghost 🙂 I hope the trail is pretty again on Sunday
    ! 🙂

  10. I love these woodland path photos with all the beautiful gold leaves. Those houses do look a bit spooky. I don’t believe in ghosts but what you said about your house is really ‘spooky’. I’ve never had an experience like you and your family have.

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    Great post! I love Victorian houses that look “haunted”. That mansard roof (2nd Empire) house is absolutely wonderful. It looks like a miniature of our Missouri Governor’s mansion. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for taking us along on your Autumn walk. Gina

  12. Sounds scary to me!!! Your home is beautiful, I just found your blog, I’ll have to go back and see if I can peek more at your home!!! Thanks for sharing, if you have a minute I hope you’ll visit my blog! Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  13. Those stories gave me goose bumps. Sounds like you do have a spirit in your house. The days are beautiful here but we had such a dry summer that the colors of the leaves are not very colorful this year.

  14. Oh, you just gave me goosebumps with the stories about your house. When we were remodeling our kitchen we all kept smelling freshly baked brownies. When we talked to the son of the lady who lived there he happened to mention that his mom’s favorite treat to bake was…guess what… brownies! I hope your ghost (and ours) will be friendly. I guess things like that just come with an old house.

    Gorgeous fall pictures by the way!


  15. Actually, the house in Galena is haunted, at least in the servants quarters apartment…my fiend rented the servant quarter apartment back in 1975 while she was teaching in Galena. She fled the apartment 4 months because of events that occurred that indicate an evil entity was haunting it. She has never returned….