Friday Finds #28: Things That Matter

This week I’ve been at my daughter Bridget’s house to help with Baby Cove and her two boys, Bear and Forrest. Mostly I’ve been keeping the older brothers busy so mom can rest and take care of Cove. At the same time, I’m trying to finish up our final holiday tasks like wrapping presents.

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Today’s my last day at my daughter’s house and I’ll miss them all even though they live just 35 minutes away. But next week I’ll see them again for our annual family holiday mini vacation.

Next Thursday we all head to Galena, Illinois to stay at the same Airbnb rental that we stayed at last year for the holidays. I can’t believe I didn’t take any photos of that house while we were there. I’ll remember to do that next week.

We’ve all been quarantining as much as possible for the two weeks prior to this trip – just to be on the safe side. I love going on a mini vacation with my children and their kids just before Christmas. We opted to not exchange gifts and instead put our money into this trip. Everyone does buy presents for the kids though.

I’m very grateful for special moments with the family. And I’m especially happy that everyone gets along well enough to spend several days with one another under the same roof! Don’t get me wrong – we might have our moments of irritation with one another but we work through it.

My hope this holiday season is that we take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas – Christ’s birth and God’s unending love for each and every one of us. When life seems to be closing in on you, He remains steady and gives us strength if we simply ask Him.

Let’s end this week with some creative Friday Finds that I hope will brighten your day or give you inspiration in some way, shape, or form!

If you’re not yet exhausted with holiday home tours (and even if you are), you don’t want to miss the subtle Christmas decor that Cathy shares on her blog, Grit and Polish. Her kitchen is my all-time favorite!!

Earlier this week I made these fabulous Gingerbread house cakes with Bear and Forrest, who are only five and two years old. My friend Danielle shared the recipe and I even ordered the cake pan. They were so easy and turned out great. Give them a try!

You have to see these Christmas trees decorated with dried flowers. The 9-foot pampas grass tree blew me away! I’d love to have one but my kitties would have a field day with it.

Meet Sarah Solis, an interior designer with an amazing eye for detail. You can see some of her spaces here – I especially love that pair of matching velvet sofas!

Since you’re likely spending a lot of time on your feet these days – baking, cooking, running errands, buying gifts – why not treat yourself to a lovely lavender foot soak? It’s important to pamper yourself during stressful times. Especially when you’re trying to get everything done during a pandemic!



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  1. Thank you always for sharing your Friday finds, I love them and they get me in the mood to create fun things and enjoy lovely homes etc and meet new bloggers

  2. I love Cathy’s counter tops. 2 inch marble. That is exactly what I want. I can’t believe her husband made them. Her house reminds me of yours – warm, beautiful, with so much character. Have a great weekend, Jennifer. So happy you had a good time with your little grandsons.

  3. Thanks for all these wonderful finds, i love Kathy’s home. Glad you had a good week with those cute grandsons and baby Cove, hope everyone stays healthy so you can spend some family time together, have fun and enjoy. Merry Christmas and thank you for that wonderful introduction, so glad to be celebrating Christ birth.