Getting an Early Start on Planting Flowers

I confess. I can’t take it anymore! We had a bit of balmy weather through Easter weekend but winter is dragging its frosty heels on its way out the door. The temps dropped after our brief “warm” spell (and it wasn’t all that warm to begin with).  I’m telling myself that since spring has been reticent to cooperate, it means we’ll have a wonderful summer. Yesterday I broke down and visited the green house and left with an armful of flowers and plants.

Violet PansiesNothing screams spring like Pansies with their sunshine-y little faces!


Pansies on the PorchThis group of perky Pansies are nestled in a white-painted basket. It used to be a brightly striped Easter basket but I toned it down with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. It’s the perfect home for the simple Pansy.


Purple HyacinthPurple Hyacinths are a favorite of mine and for good reason. Their fragrance is heavenly … and you’ll notice that the differing colors of Hyacinths carry slightly different scents.


Purple HyacinthMy fondness for these fragrant flowers began when my two daughters were born. They both had February birth dates and that’s when the markets carry Hyacinths. So each time I was in the hospital, I had a purple Hyacinth in the room and the nurses and doctor loved to  visit me because of the wonderful fragrance.


Purple HyacinthWhenever I get a whiff of these wonderful little flowers, I am always reminded of the birth of my daughters.


Pink English DaisiesMy third choice of flower from the green house was this adorable English Daisy!


Pink English DaisyI had to ask what these were when they caught my eye.  They’re so dainty and I love the color combo of pink and yellow.


Pink English DaisyEnglish Daisies are cool weather flowers like Pansies. Well, it’s certainly cool enough for them right now!


Basket of PansiesSince I’m not entirely sure that it’s safe to plant these flowers in the ground just yet, I found containers around the house to pot them up.  Simple is better when it comes to containers. It’s my opinion that you want the flowers to steal the show … not the container.


Basket of PansiesAs a kid, my neighbor used to let me pick her Pansies whenever I wanted. She said the more you pick them, the more they flower. I loved visiting her garden and picking their pretty little faces to take home.


Purple HyacinthI left the Hyacinths in their original pots and ripped old book pages to fit, and then wrapped them around the plastic pot. To hold the pages in place, I tied a piece of twine around the container. Simple, easy, and cute!


Purple HyacinthI think the purple Hyacinths have the best fragrance of all the hyacinths.


English DaisyI found this mug at the green house and knew the English Daisy would look perfect in it.


English DaisyThe English Daisy has such a sunny little face!  Where has this flower been all my life?


Tabby Cat in a BasketWhile I was potting the flowers on the front porch, Taffy made it quite clear that there was one basket I couldn’t touch. She likes to sleep in this basket … yes, on top of the dirt!  When she’s not looking I plan to fill this basket full of impatiens when the weather’s warmer.

Have you planted any spring flowers yet? I find gardening extremely therapeutic and couldn’t wait any longer!

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  1. That English Daisy is beautiful! Love the pic of your cat too! My cat looks a lot like yours. I’ve noticed they do like to sleep in empty pots on the dirt. Ha! I started planting my spring flowers awhile ago. We’ve had our a/c on for weeks already! 🙂

  2. The English Daisy is adorable. I don’t remember seeing those before.

    We are well past you in the season, hyacinths are long gone and it is getting warmer…mostly. We are getting a cool front and it will be in the 60s for the next couple of days.

  3. It was only 9 degrees when I was driving to work yesterday, so spring planting is just a distant dream right now. Your plants and photos are a lovely start to the season!

  4. Love all the flowers, it is still cold here and nothing flowering or turning green in sight. I enjoyed seeing all your lovelies Thanks for sharing at the Cabin:)

  5. Love that little English daisy, Jennifer. I’m so used to seeing pansies right about now, so it is nice to see something a litle different. I had to laugh at your comment because I keep telling myself that with the weather the way it is now, maybe it won’t be as hot and humid this Summer as it was last Summer! I don’t think Mother Nature plays fair though, so we’ll see how that pans out! : ) I was happy to see some daffodils with flowers on them yesterday when I took my walk. Most of them are still just green stalks right now.

  6. Hurray for you getting a head start…flowers really perk me up this time of year. I love the book pages tied around the pots and the English daisies are so pretty!

    Happy Spring!


  7. All of the flowers look gorgeous….love the pots the hyicianths are in and love pansies. I will be able to plant them in our new home next year since I won’t have to worry so much about the animals anymore!!


  8. Your flowers are so pretty and perfect for spring. My cats also like to sleep and play in the dirt. They were so happy last month when the gardener helped me with a little project I have and made a mess (necessary mess) in a part of the garden!

  9. We’ve had the English Daisy here for a few years now, they will survive our winter but you may want to check your map. Some areas I’ve heard they can be invasive, so you may want to check that out as well, just in case….. Pansies here get planted as a winter flower (amazing this far north, but we usually have temperate winters, usually). I remember my 2nd winter here I was so happy to learn I could have flowers in the urns by my door, so I planted pansies. Well I came out one morning and all the plants were eaten down to nibs! Apparently deer love them : ) This year is the first year in about 6 that we are actually getting a spring. So nice to see, almost forgot how good it feels!

  10. I love an English Daisy . Just beautiful pics… HUGS and prayers for lots of springtime weather .. TOODLES

  11. Oh, your flowers are a joy to behold! What greenhouse did you visit? I live near you, and I am longing for some flowers on my deck!!

  12. Wanted to come by to say hello…it’s so very exciting to see garden posts again, winter has lasted way too long! Just wanted to let you know Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party will be starting up again in May (Thursday May 2nd) Would love to have you come over and link up again and again! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo, tracie