A Shot of Color in My Early Summer Garden

The scent of summer’s warm earth energized my spirits the minute I stepped down off our farmhouse porch early this morning. Taking a deep breath, I was instantly reminded why I love summer so dearly. All winter I anxiously await her arrival and I cling to her fleeting exit when autumn makes its appearance. Feeling inspired, I quickly ducked back into the house to grab my camera and then headed towards the flower beds to capture my early summer garden.

Purple Salvia Planted in Front of FarmhouseThe regal Purple Salvia is in full bloom.

I’m working on creating a border of this striking flower in front of the house.


Purple Salvia in Full BloomThe shade of Salvia always takes my breath away and captivates my heart.

My mother was a huge fan of Salvia and I planted it in her honor (she’s still living).


Hostas in a Farmhouse GardenThe Hostas are looking mighty healthy, too.

We have different varieties growing throughout the gardens.


Hostas Ready to BloomI’m anxiously awaiting this one to open its pale lavender bloom.

Hostas make terrific shade plants and I love their beautiful leaves.

They really make an architectural statement in the garden.


Yellow Flowering Sedum in the Summer GardenTo add contrast to the purple, I like to add touches of yellow like this Sedum ground cover.

Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel so they make a great combination in the garden.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, fast-growing ground cover … Sedum is a great choice.


Purple Lamium Ground CoverAnother great ground cover choice for a shade garden is Lamium.

They add a shot of color in an early summer garden.


Lamium Ground Cover in Shade GardenThe Lamium’s flowers remind me a little of miniature snapdragons with their open mouths.


Purple Lamium Ground Cover in Early Summer GardenThe Lamium’s leaves are quite pretty too.

A minty green etched in a darker shade of green.


Pink New Guinea Impatiens in Early Summer GardenOf course … I’ve gotta have pink in the garden!

These pink New Guinea Impatiens are sturdy annuals if you’re looking for a low-maintenance flower.


Purple Salvia in the Early Summer GardenI love the early summer garden with its intoxicating fragrance.

Later today I’m planting more impatiens and some French lavender.

Be sure to check out the start of my vegetable garden, too!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the way that Salvia photographs! It’s sort of doesn’t even look real somehow… I have some cool pictures of it, and the only thing that convinces people that it’s really a photograph is the bumblebee in the corner!!

  2. What pretty flowers, seems strange seeing these as we are just going into winter in New Zealand. I used to have a cottage garden with lots purple salvia, it was great at the back of my borders. I think mine was not salvia though, it used to grow really tall and die back in the winter then come back again in summer. My garden now is tiny and I only have buxus and hedging and topiaries…I would love a cottage garden again some day.

    Lee 🙂

  3. Ok love it all. Wish we could get our flowers to grow so nicely here in Western CO. Loved seeing all your gorgeous flowers and hostas. We discovered a whole row of them under some brush after we cleaned it out in our front yard in KY. Didn’t really have to do anything to get flowers and hostas to grow in KY. I loved our place, had all kinds of gorgeous flowers growing in yards there. Was so pretty and green all the time. Think we only had to water our yards maybe twice on 5 yrs. Enjoy all your wonderful flowers and hostas. Happy Sunday.

  4. Weee, love your garden show. Impatiences are such a favorite. We have a lot of Hosta and I think we have Lamium that we got from the neighbor; I’ll have to look at the flower a little closer. I like your idea of purple and yellow together.