Halloween Decorating Ideas: 18 Homes

Leaves are just beginning to turn color, the days are getting shorter, and Halloween is just weeks away! Today I’m joining 19 blogging friends to feature some of our favorite Halloween decorating ideas!

Light Up Ghost in Halloween House


First I need to give a shout-out to Kristen at Ella Claire & Co. for organizing today’s fun event. When you visit the links at the end of this post, I know you’ll be inspired to create your own Halloween décor.

Black Haunted House with LED Ghost Lights


My inspiration for you is a haunted house vignette I created on the mantel in my sitting room. Black Halloween houses are lit up with spooky but friendly little ghosts.

Halloween Decorating Ideas - Haunted House Mantel


Since my mantel is black, I figured it was the best spot to feature a haunted house vignette for the Halloween holiday. And I couldn’t resist the over-sized cat head that I found at Home Goods.

Haunted House Halloween Vignette


We have two black cats named Izzy and Bella and this Halloween cat head immediately made me think of them. On Halloween night I’ll fill it with candy. The kids can reach into the cat’s mouth to get their treat. I know it’ll be a hit with the little goblins. I always try to make our house a memorable experience for them.

Black Cat Halloween Decoration


Part of the fun of trick or treating is the ambiance of Halloween. The setting sun and spooky decorations always make me feel the night has a bit of magic to it.

Black Haunted House with LED Ghost Lights


My fondest Halloween memory was trick or treating at an older home in town near the cemetery. The lady (who happened to be a family friend) had waist length gray hair that she always wore in a bun. On Halloween though, she would let it down and dress up as a witch. She sat on her porch in a rocking chair with a bowl of treats on her lap. If I didn’t know her personally, I might have been a little afraid to approach! Her house was the best of the night.

Light Up Ghost in Halloween House


When my grandkids saw my haunted Halloween mantel, they were bewitched. And needless to say, some of the ghosts went home with them. They make a perfect night light this time of year.

Haunted House Halloween Vignette


But I kept the black cat – he’s my favorite.

Haunted Halloween Mantel


Last year I had a few skeleton friends show up at my house to lend some Halloween cheer. How do you like to decorate for Halloween? Do you go all out or are you lucky to get a pumpkin out on the porch?

LED Ghost Light


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  1. Such a cute Halloween display you have. Just wondering where you got your LITTLE GHOSTS? I have several old houses that they would fit right in with.

    1. Love your Halloween mantle. Reminded me that I have a black metal haunted house I forgot to bring down from my attic. Will put in out on my front porch with a large faux candle and a stuffed raven on top of a pumpkin next to it. I do very little Halloween decorating these days since we have no trick or treaters anymore and our kids are all grown. I concentrate on Autumn decor but still like to put out a bit of scary on the 31st just to ward off any evil spirits who might be in the area…

  2. This is absolutely adorable 😍😍 😍 I am infatuated with these Lil ghosts! Please, can you share where I can adopt some and add them to my family?!

  3. Lovely as usual. The ghosts are so cute I can understand how the how grand kids wanted to take some home :). Living in a condo and no grand kids make no halloween for me.