Halloween Skeleton Sightings at My House!!

Are you ready for a spooktacular month of October? I think my house might have spirits living in it. Recent skeleton sightings at my century-old house have me wondering if the house is haunted.

Welcome to my Halloween Home Tour!

A special thanks goes out to Krista at Ella Claire for hosting today’s Halloween tours. Be sure to visit all 26 homes – links at end of post.

Halloween Skeleton Sightings at My Century Old Home

Skeleton sightings started in the entryway when I spied this spirit in my reading chair with his vulture friend looking on.

Skeleton Sightings in Halloween Home Tour

Halloween Vulture

On another day, our bony visitor was having a party in the sitting room with a friend.

Halloween Decor with Skeletons and Decorated Mantel

A favorite bottle of my Apothic red wine was confiscated and devoured.

Skeleton Sightings in Halloween Home Tour

Skull and Wine Halloween Vignette

They decorated my fall mantel with creepy stuff.

Halloween Mantel and Home Tour

Like Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Halloween Mantel and Home Tour

A Day of the Dead garland is strewn over my vintage mirror while Jack looks on.

Halloween Mantel and Home Tour

Honestly I’m getting a bit creeped out by all the shenanigans.

Skeleton Sightings in Halloween Home Tour

Skeleton sightings occurred in the kitchen, as well.

Skeleton Sightings in My Halloween Kitchen

I’m not sure who was drowning in the kitchen sink.

Skeleton Sightings in My Halloween Kitchen

But a group of spooky spectators seemed to enjoy the morbid fun.

Halloween Vignette with Skeletons and Vulture

Maybe this is how newly married skeletons celebrate their wedding.

Halloween Skeleton Vignette

Halloween Skeleton Bride

The vulture invited his crow friend to see what deadly concoction was being stirred up.

Halloween Skeleton Cooking Poison in the Kitchen

Perhaps a wicked spell or two.

Halloween Skeleton Cooking Poison in the Kitchen

Halloween Vignette of Crows and Vultures

Will today be the end of skeleton sightings in my home? Or is there more to come?

Halloween Skeleton Cooking Poison in the Kitchen

Time will tell, my friends!

Skull and Candles Halloween Vignette

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  1. OMG, you have so much spooky stuff! I’ve never been a Halloween person, but I’m impressed at your collection. Your beautiful home has been taken over and transformed. “They” are everywhere. I would be afraid to turn down the bedcovers. Yikes!!!

  2. Haha! I love his expression. He was either scared to death or is really chatty! So well done!

    xo Michael

  3. This is so fun and spooky, Jennifer!! I love the very first picture you posted, what I perfect way to introduce your spooky home hehe xoxo -Norma

  4. Jennifer this looks really great! I was wondering if you had anything a little more spooky for an adult party type?

  5. I love, love, love the vulture and the Day of the Dead decor. So amusing how you’ve set up the skeletons to where they look as though they are actually enjoying themselves.

  6. Spooktacular for sure! I’ve had a painter here for two weeks and have been unable to decorate except for my porch and kitchen. I absolutely love the vulture. Never seen one like it!

  7. All these skelton’s are fabulous and the bride one is priceless. I couldn’t quit laughing. Thank you I needed that.

  8. Wow this was spooktacular and I loved your commentary all throughout. I’m not really a halloween type of person but this sure got me into the spirit(no pun intended bahahaha) of things going bump in the night.

  9. Love your decorations! Finally someone who gets into Halloween like our family. I love Halloween more than Christmas! No cooking and no one wants anything from me except candy-perfect!

  10. The “traveling” skeleton is absolutely delightful!! Thank you for making me smile and giving me so many ideas.

  11. How wonderfully spooky! I think I would have had to put them on the porch too! So creepy!

    BTW, I just found Apothic and it is fast becoming a favorite here! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love your Halloween tour and it’s provided great inspiration for decorating my new house this season. I especially love the hands coming out of the sink suds. Your ideas are so original, and I will totally use them. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks like you are having a spooky good time at your place.
    Several years ago, I was pumping gas and a young lady pulled up in a jeep full of skeletons as passengers.

  14. Wow, I enjoyed your Halloween decor and your spooky skeletons and accessories. I am a pumpkin, Jack-o-lantern, scarecrow type but now I think I have to use some of your ideas too!!