Happy Halloween to All!

Happy Halloween to all my friends who visit my blog!

Halloween MantelPhoto by Darren Gygi Home Collection


Today I’m off to the Morton Arboretum with my daughter in the morning for a little leaf peeping and then it’s back home to greet trick or treaters.

Ghosts in the WindowPhoto by Grandin Road

I’m leaving you with some fun Halloween decorations and images to get you in the mood for all the little gremlins who come to visit!

Happy Halloween EntrywayPhoto by Grandin Road


I’ve always wanted to create a display of ghosts like this in the front yard. Maybe next year.

Circle of GhostsPhoto by Grandin Road


Halloween Skeleton DecorationsPhoto by Grandin Road

Who’s got mice in the house?

Haunted StaircasePhoto by kgrahi


Silhouette Mice on StaircasePhoto by The Locker


We had a “haunted house” in my childhood neighborhood. We were always scared to ring the doorbell, but we did!

Haunted HousePhoto by Becky Harris


Halloween was always a magical night and our neighborhood had tons of kids out! That was the era when it was still safe to be out at night without your parents.

Outdoor Halloween DecorationsBy Houzz


What do you think of Halloween?

Scary Skeleton Skull

My dad loved it and would answer the door in a gorilla costume. My mother, on the other hand, didn’t like kids begging for candy. But at least she understood the fun it held for us.


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  1. Love Halloween! If I could be little again for only one day of the year, it would be Halloween. The time spent thinking of what you wanted to be and how much candy you’d haul in, parties at school, the cooler, crisp air and turning leaves, the spooky decorations. We could hardly get through dinner without busting from excitement. That one night of roaming the streets freely in the dark, imagining a witch flying across the moon or a ghost peeking at you from behind a tree, all with the orange glow of a jack-o’-lantern grinning at you from every doorstep! And, so many kids on the streets back then. There seemed to be hundreds! I didn’t want the night to end.