Halloween Decorating Ideas

Fall is the season of transitions … the exit of summer, the turning of leaves, the cooling of temperature, and the shortening of days. There’s a lot going on in the month of October, and it ends with a bang when we celebrate Halloween. Here’s my Halloween tour to get you in a frightful mood with a few holiday decorating ideas before the trick-or-treaters arrive!

Halloween TableNormally I’m not much of a Halloween decorator.

I just turn off the lights and fire up as many candles as possible on Halloween night.


Halloween Centerpiece using Orange Habanero PeppersBut this year I spied these little orange habenero peppers that hubby planted in the garden.

And I thought … what a cute Halloween decoration. They look like little pumpkins!


Halloween TablescapePaired with white Baby Boos and black accessories,

the orange habeneros create a festive Halloween tablescape.


Halloween DiningA few stalks of the orange peppers tucked in a trophy cup are all that’s needed for the centerpiece.


Orange Habanero Peppers with Halloween GarlandRunning down the center of my Halloween table is a spooky garland.

Who says garland has to be hanging somewhere? I love using them as table runners.


Halloween HutchMy dining hutch got a Halloween banner and touches of orange.


Halloween BannerThe banner consists of book page rectangles with vintage Halloween graphics.


Black Cat Halloween BannerI used Mod Podge to attach the Halloween graphics.

Then I Mod Podged the entire front and back to protect the paper.


Fraidy Cat for a Halloween DecorationOn the bottom shelf of my Halloween hutch is this little fraidy cat in a pumpkin bucket.

Hmmm … he looks a little familiar.


Felix the Cat - the best Halloween decoration ever!He reminds me of our kitty Felix, who hid behind my enamel ware pitcher when I was vacuuming.

I think the sound of the machine freaked him out. Do you see his little white whisker?

He’s the perfect Halloween decoration, don’t you think?


Pitcher with Orange Habenero Peppers that look like PumpkinsBack to the dining hutch that has a white gravy boat filled with the orange peppers.

I know Halloween isn’t supposed to be cute but I think these are the cutest peppers ever!


Gourds in Wire ClocheGourds are contained in a wire cloche … as though they’re imprisoned.


Vintage Halloween CatA vintage style Halloween cat keeps watch over the rest of the Halloween decorations.


Vintage Halloween Cat DecorationHis face creeps me out a little, but I had to have him.

He looks like something from a horror flick that comes alive when you’re sound asleep.


Halloween SkeletonYou can’t celebrate Halloween without a scary skeleton!


Vintage Halloween OwlA little owl keeps watch over a bumpy gourd.


Jack-O-Lantern ManA little Jack-O-Lantern man puts on a happy face.

This is his season for spooking up some fun!


Vintage Halloween VignetteI love vintage looking Halloween decor. It reminds me of the simple masks we used to wear as kids.

These creatures stand in front of my DIY Halloween BOO sign.


Halloween Place SettingAre you ready for Halloween and all the trick or treaters?


Halloween TablescapeI haven’t bought candy yet, but at least my Halloween table is ready.

Do you decorate for Halloween?

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  1. This is perfect. So pretty, all the pops of orange. I love that you used all the peppers you grew yourself. Why buy pumpkins when you have the perfect orange color in your own yard. Love the banner and the garland down the table too. Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween!

  2. I think this looks lovely… and I’m going to steal that banner idea!!! Thanks!

  3. We have the exact same taste in Halloween decorations, and I love every single one of your ideas. I especially like your garland and peppers. Everything looks so festive, Jennifer!

  4. I love your Halloween touches! That Halloween banner is to die for! Love it! Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh, I LOVE the garland and that vintage Halloween cat. Thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration! Have a great weekned 🙂

  6. Felix is adorable! Your dining room is adorable too. Love the mix of white, black and orange.

  7. I love the habaneros! (And Felix too!)

  8. Love your Halloween decorations, Jennifer. Those little orange peppers do add a nice Fall touch to your table. Love the vintage look Halloween banner.

  9. The habaneros are perfect! Such a smart idea!!

  10. I might just have to plant some habanero peppers next year so I can copy your idea. So cute!

  11. Such a great tour! I love the vintage garland {both on the table and hanging up!}

  12. YOU have done such an incredible job decorating for Halloween. I love the cute little Halloween characters, where do you find those? Those habaneros peppers are too cute, what a smart idea, why not use what you have in yard or home.One post I found today she used persimmons. Don’t know if from her yard but a gorgeous orange also.
    Seeing all the Halloween stuff makes me want to make something but no point, no trick or treaters in 8 yrs. we’ve been in this house. Seems to be a neighborhood of adults mostly. I do decorate outside some and inside more for Fall. I love the colors of Fall, always have. How about you? If I did decorate for Halloween I’d sure “borrow” some ideas from you, love them all. You always do such wonderful decorations for holidays, seasons, you name it. Love your style. Happy weekend and Fall

  13. Love that darling bunting 🙂 What a great tour.

  14. Great Halloween décor! I love your kitty, he goes perfectly with the décor!

  15. Love the garland! And those little book page habernaros are perfect!!! Great tour- such adorable Halloween vignettes Jennifer!

  16. That table arrangement is really nice. Great job as always Jen!

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