Blue and White Transferware Vases

Do you try to resist temptation when it comes knocking at your door? For me, that temptation normally comes in the form of white ironstone but this time, it came in the shape of 3 blue and white transferware vases.

Blue and White Transferware VasesI first saw the vases in an email from Antique Farmhouse.

Then I made the mistake of clicking over to the website to get a better look.


Blue and White Transferware VasesI told myself I wouldn’t buy them … I’d just look.

But I was smitten with their aged appearance.


Blue and White TransferwareEach one is different, with its beautiful blue pattern. I think this one is my favorite. It looks like it’s just been excavated with its intentionally dirty appearance.


Detailed markings of transferware vase


Details of blue and white transferwareThis vase has a rough surface, almost like it was glazed with sand on it.


Transferware VasesNeedless to say, I wasn’t able to resist the temptation of these beautiful blue and white transferware vases. They remind me a little of the ginger jars my grandmother used to collect.


Transferware vaseMaybe that’s the connection for me … the tie to my grandmother.


Blue and White Transferware vaseI placed a simple fern in each one. Flowers would’ve detracted from their beauty.


Trio of Transferware VasesI’m glad I submitted to temptation this time, simply because the vases remind me of my grandmother. I always admired her collection of ginger jars when I was little.

Do you collect anything that your grandmother or mother collected?


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  1. So pretty! I also collect blue and white transferware and white ironstone, among a few other lovelies…
    One of my other obsessions is certain milk glass. I have a set of salt and pepper shakers from my Great Grandmother, that still has the bit of making tape with my name written on the bottom. So precious!

  2. They are so pretty Jennifer! I can see why you just had to get them. I love blue and white and so these are especially lovely to me too. Your photos of them displayed are -oh-so-pretty!!!!!!!!