How to Add Nature to Home Décor: A Growing Trend

Decorating with nature is a growing trend in the world of interior design and decorating. People are going beyond adding a houseplant or flower arrangement to bring the element of nature to home décor. Here’s a collection of inspiring ideas to help you add organic and natural appeal to any room in your home.

Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpaper is all the rage right now, and you’ll find an almost infinite supply of designs from which to choose. From florals to animals, wallpaper prints can infuse a big dose of personality to a room. A sweet “birds on branches” wallpaper adds sweetness to a light and airy bedroom. In addition, a bouquet of eucalyptus adds the scent of nature while a bird statue enhances the aviary vibe.

nature inspired wallpaper in bedroomPhoto by Ира Носова


Plants and Prints

A beautiful sunroom enjoys views of nature through the windowed walls, and brings the greenery indoors through the use of large plants. A landscape print on the wall creates the illusion of another window looking outside. Textured finishes like brick and wood add to the organic theme of this pretty space.

nature in home decor - plants and sunPhoto by Dennison and Dampier Interior Design


Colors of Nature

If you’re thinking of painting a room or piece of furniture, why not brush on the colors of nature?  A vivid green table and cabinetry echo the color of plants while the soft blue pendant light is reminiscent of the sky. The owner took the nature vibe one step further with a pair of floral table runners and a flower arrangement.

Green table in cottage kitchenPhoto by Ира Носова


Keep It Simple

A cozy family room enjoys a simple flower poster with a potted bulbs on the console table and window ledge. Terra cotta pots enhance the gardening ambiance. 

Feminine living room in shades of pinkPhoto by Rosario Ferraz


Nature Vignettes

Creating a natural vignette is perhaps the easiest way to add nature to home décor. A pretty topiary pairs with an egg cloche in front of a light floral wallpaper. Bring elements of the outdoors inside to create vignettes that don’t cost any money. Bird feathers can be tucked inside a vase you already own, a fallen bird nest can be propped on vintage books, branches can be dry-painted white and placed in a basket to imitate birch branches. Next time you’re on a walk, keep your eyes open for decorative finds – even colorful or sparkly rocks look pretty in a wooden bowl or similar.

nature vignette with topiary and large egg clochePhoto by Boråstapeter\


Combine Natural Elements

This beautiful bedroom works with several nature-inspired elements to create a cozy and gorgeous room for sleeping. Floral wallpaper, an exposed stone wall, natural wood, and a simple bouquet are all ways to add nature to home décor. To top it all off, the owners added an elegant chandelier.

earthy, nature-inspired bedroomPhoto by Gancedo


Nature Prints

Did you ever press flowers or leaves as a kid? It was fun to lug the big encyclopedia to the dining room table and layer leaves or flowers between sheets of wax paper before closing the book to press your treasures for framing. I love this wall of leaf prints against a dark wall. The cedar shake-style dresser adds to the organic atmosphere. You can create a smaller replication of something like this with a nature board.

Fern print wallPhoto by Gancedo


Go Big

Don’t be shy when adding nature to home décor. Use large statement plants for a tropic vibe, like a large palm or banana plant. My sister has a banana plant that has grown two stories tall in her vaulted sun room. It’s pretty amazing and looks so much better than a collection of smaller house plants. 

colorful dining room with palm plantsPhoto by Carrie Hayward Design


Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Give your bathroom a fresh, natural vibe with the colors of nature, like green and white. Add low light plants like sansaveria, aka snake plant. Sansaveria is super easy to grow. It’s my favorite low-maintenance plant.

Sansaveria in bright bathroomPhoto by Beth Kooby Design

What are some ways you’ve added the elements of nature to your home?

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  1. The birdie wallpaper is the best! It would make any room or space happy. The aqua and pink room… not so much.