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Valentine’s Day Decor in the Living Room

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day at your house? I don’t do a whole lot but I like to bring in touches of pink and red. It’s like a decorating transition period between Christmas and spring time.

Cottage Style Living RoomI hauled my Paris Poster back out and added red and white pillows to the love seat.


Penmanship PosterYou might remember the penmanship poster that used to be on this shelf at Christmas.


Swap out posters to quickly change up the look of a room.I had simply taped it onto another piece of artwork.

It makes it look like the poster is framed.


Valentine's Day MantelIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I swapped out the penmanship poster with a poster of Paris, the city of love! I was lucky to find a store that sells a variety of posters in just the right size to fit over the original artwork. I love being able to change the look so easily and the posters only cost a few dollars.


Valentine Bottle Brush TreesI brought out my Valentine bottle brush trees and placed them on vintage red books.


Valentine's Day Decor - a trio of paper hearts on framed sheet musicA trio of framed red hearts on sheet music flank each side of the Paris Poster.


Valentine's Day Vignette - red vintage books and old style Valentine'sMore vintage red books team up with vintage Valentines.


Valentine's Day Decor in the Living RoomA single stemmed rose softens the barn wood shelf.


Basket filled with primroses in a farmhouse living roomA basket of dainty primroses sits on the end table next to the love seat.


Vintage Books with basket of primrosesAnd of course, more vintage books in cream and red. I found some of my red vintage books at a local boutique and thought they’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day decor. I like to buy the ones with interesting covers.


Vintage Aqua Bottle with Red Metal HeartI kept things simple on the coffee table too.

My favorite vintage aqua bottle wears a red metal heart.


Valentine's Day Decor in the Living RoomAnd that pretty much sums up my simple Valentine’s Day decor in the living room.

Simple and sweet.


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  1. Your decorations are looking oh so pretty. The poster idea is a good one… especially for those of us who like to change things up quite often.

  2. Your Valentine decor is so pretty. I really like the posters you are finding for your frame. I’ve started doing a few Valentine things too. It’s coming up fast isn’t it?