Create a Spring Nature Board with Free Bird Prints

We reached 70 degrees here in Illinois and I’m in heaven. I got to spend a little time in my garden pond and listening to the birds sing. The balmy weather put me in the mood to create a spring nature board with vintage bird prints. And today, I’m sharing the bird prints for you to download to create your own board. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Spring Nature Board with Vintage Bird Prints


Today is the first Saturday of April, which means it’s Cozy Living Saturday with a few of my blog friends. We’re each sharing something we enjoy this time of year – you can visit their projects at the bottom of this post.

For my spring nature board, I started with this rustic multi-clip photo board that I’ve had for a few years. I think I found it at Hobby Lobby but you can also search for something similar on Amazon. Or make your own by hot gluing or screwing mini clips onto any board or piece of wood.

How to Create a Spring Nature Board


Cut out the vintage bird prints which you can download at the end of this post. Cut a slightly larger piece of patterned scrapbook paper to layer behind the bird picture, and then clip them to the board.

Vintage Bird Print to Download


No gluing necessary! This is such a quick and easy project. You can hang your board on a wall or prop it up on a piece of furniture like I did.

Vintage Bird Print to Download


In addition to the vintage birds, I also added a few faux spring berries and a little bird’s nest for a bit of dimension and interest.

Vintage Bird Prints on a Spring Nature Board


Here’s a sweet poem about the thrush. I have another excerpt about blackbirds on my spring nature bird.

Vintage Print About the Thrush


Since I used a faux nest on the board, I included a vintage bird nest print, too. Thanks to Karen at The Graphics Fairy for use of these pretty vintage spring printables!

Vintage Bird Nest Printable


You can also download the prints and frame them if you prefer.

How to Create a Spring Nature Board with Vintage Bird Prints


For those of you with kids at home, you can make a spring nature board with them. Have your children search for things outside that can be included. They’ll have fun scavenging for nature that can be used as art.

Click here to download the vintage bird prints and poems.

Vintage Bird Prints to Download


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  1. I love this idea! The prints are beautiful. This is something I will do tomorrow. Have the time with this isolation we have to deal with.

    Thank you and enjoy the weekend.

  2. This is so pretty and fresh and Spring! I wish I had your love of gardening … but sadly I don’t. Sometimes in bits and spurts I’ll try. I’ve only had success with some impatiens along the fence and some geraniums in my bucket!

    Do you think annuals will be classified as essential? lol!

    🙂 Linda

  3. So darn cute, I love this idea. Wow 70, it was 58 here and I was outside all day too. Now it’s raining and cold again. I can’t wait to get out and garden.

  4. Love this idea. Looked for mini clips but only found silverish mini clips. Did you have them in your stash or were you able to find them recently?

  5. This is so sweet! Love the printables, too. We’re having warm weather right now, too, and it’s so lovely to be in the yard and hear the birds singing.

  6. Thanks for sharing your nature board. I love nature and bringing it inside to decorate makes me happy. This is something I can also do with my granddaughters.