How to Arrange Flowers: with Matthew Robbins

Today I’m going to show you how to arrange flowers using tips from event designer and planner, Matthew Robbins. Matthew has been a contributing editor for Martha Stewart Weddings for over 15 years, among other popular publications. After watching one of his videos, I realized the mistakes I was making with my own flower arrangements.

I prefer floral arrangements that aren’t perfectly symmetrical. My favorite bouquets look more natural – like they were picked fresh from the field and tossed into a vase without much thought.

How to Arrange Flowers - with Matthew Robbins, wedding designer

The first thing you need to do when arranging flowers is to choose a vase. For today’s arrangement I decided to use the little DIY rustic flower vase I made a few weeks ago.

Easy steps to create a beautiful bouquet

I found beautiful flowers at the grocery store and put them in water as soon as I got home. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much in the way of greenery. Lucky for me, I have bushes in the yard with pretty foliage so I cut a few branches for the arrangement. My little friend Felix has been jumping up on the kitchen shelf when I’m not home. He’s broken 2 pitchers so I cleared a spot to make him happy and keep my ironstone safe.

Easy steps to create a beautiful bouquet

After filling your vase with water and preservatives, Matthew Robbins advises adding your green boughs. This is the first mistake I’ve been making. I usually add the greenery at the end.

Easy steps to create a beautiful bouquet

Next, add floral stems that are similar length to your greenery. I chose a pretty pale blue. You can skip this step if you don’t have long floral stems.

5 steps to beautiful flower arrangements

Next, place your largest flowers in the vase. I used white mums.

5 steps on how to arrange flowers, with advice from wedding designer, Matthew Robbins

Add slightly smaller flowers – I chose pale orange gerbera daisies. I like the warmth of orange against the cool blue and white.

How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro!

Finally, add your smallest flower or small floral sprays. I used a slightly darker orange – I don’t know the name of this flower, unfortunately. Small sprays are good for filling in any gaping holes.

5 steps to beautiful flower arrangements

This was such a fun arrangement to make, and it was so much easier following Matthew Robbins’ instructions.

5 steps on how to arrange flowers, with advice from wedding designer, Matthew Robbins

Be sure to watch his video at the end of this post and then follow along to create your own stunning bouquet.

5 steps on how to arrange flowers, with advice from wedding designer, Matthew Robbins

You can also pin the 5 easy steps on how to arrange flowers!

See how easy it is to create stunning floral arrangements in 5 easy steps!

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  1. Thanks Jennifer. Flower arranging always mystified me. This is so easy. Must run for flowers and try my hand. Great post.

  2. Hi Jennifer. Love your post. I have a sister that took a flower arranging class. She works backwards from this. I have always it this way. It does make it easier. Love the flowers you choose.

  3. Your arrangement is very professional looking. Good job. Also, love the fact that your kitty is such an important member of your family that you’ll forgive the broken pieces and give him his own shelf space.

  4. Great tips. Thanks Jennifer!
    Orange and blue flowers…you might be a Gator Girl after all. I knew I liked you! ????

  5. Thank you so much Jennifer! I’ve never been good at flower arranging, only the most simple arrangement I could handle, one flower at a time, lol!

  6. I think Matthew needs to hire you! Your arrangement is so beautiful and natural looking. Love the DIY vast, too. Wonderful combination of colors. Great tips to use for my next bouquet. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Jennifer, for the information on how to do flower arrangements! So helpful . I will be doing a lot of it this summer, I thought I had to be a pro to do this . Loving summer in Colorado! Tiger