How to Make a Color Washed Book Page Wreath

I think it’s officially spring wreath making time. Rather than go with the typical floral creation, I’m opting for something a little different. I’ve seen crafts on Pinterest using a color wash effect on book pages, which I really like. You get to keep the look of book pages but add a splash of muted color at the same time.  So today I’m sharing how to make a color washed book page wreath.

DIY Color Washed Book Page WreathAlthough I made this wreath for spring, you could really use it any time of the year.

Color washing the book pages to make the leaves was really easy to do.


How to color wash book pagesYou can find old books or paperbacks at the thrift store.

I like the ones that have an aged tint to them even though they’re not old.


How to apply color wash to book pagesTo color wash the pages, use watercolor paints. I used a blue-green color. Using long strokes, brush the paint onto the book pages. I wasn’t too concerned about uneven paint on the page because it adds to the dimension of the wreath.


How to color wash book pagesAfter one side dries, flip the pages over and paint the other side.

The watercolor paint dries fairly quickly.


How to create a color washed book page wreathNow it’s time to cut out your leaves. I cut small rectangles and then cut the leaves. I cut the first leaf freehand and then used that as the pattern for the rest of the leaves.


Tutorial for making a color washed book page wreathHot glue the base of the leaves onto the Styrofoam wreath, overlapping them as needed to hide the wreath form.


DIY Color Washed Book Page WreathTie a ribbon around the top if desired, and hang your wreath.


DIY Color Washed Book Page WreathHubby says it looks like a laurel wreath. I suppose it does.


Watercolor Book Page WreathFor just a couple dollars, I have a pretty color wash book page wreath!

Color washing is a great way to add color to any book page craft.

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  1. This is so cute – I really really must make some time to do some paper crafts again. I think I even have a category on my blog for paper crafts but it’s been so long since I’ve done any that category is all dusty and forgotten!

  2. This is stunning, Jennifer! Would love it if you shared it at our link party on my blog please 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week!