How to Make Book Page Bird Nests

February is almost over and that means spring isn’t too far away, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway! Lately we’ve had a couple of owls in the yard that provide beautiful music with their melodic hoots. Often, I fall asleep listening to them. Soon the robins will come back and join them … it’ll just be a few weeks before we see their beautiful red breasts. I love birds and as a kid, was overjoyed whenever I’d find one of their nests. It was like finding a pot of gold! Recently I played around with how to make book page bird nests. I already had a bunch of faux eggs on hand … and this is what I came up with.

Book Page Bird Nests by Town and Country LivingShabby little bird nests to help me wait for our feathered friends to return.

Here’s how to make book page bird nests …


DIY Book Page Bird Nests by Town and Country Living1. Cut thin strips of old book pages using a paper cutter or scissors.

2. Cut circles of various sizes from cardstock (I used the cover from the paperback book). These will serve as the base of the nest.

3. Put a ring of glue dots near the edges of the circle, or use glue stick, and gather about 4 book page strips with ends staggered. You want the nests to look a little messy. Keep telling yourself they don’t have to be perfect!


Bird Nest Tutorial by Town and Country Living4. Make a circle with the book page strips and press the edges down onto the glue dots on the cardstock circle. It’s okay if you need to smash small parts of the strips onto the glue dots to make them stick. A bird’s nest is a little messy, after all.

5. Line up three to four book page strips together and place glue dots in several spots on the strips, making sure the glue dots touch more than one strip. Overlapping the glue dots onto more than one strip will keep the strips together.

6. Take the group of strips and carefully adhere them to the first circle of strips on the nest, making sure to place this group of strips slightly higher than the first set. This is how you build the sides of your nest. It takes a little careful finessing so try to be patient. Leave loose ends sticking out – you can trim any ends that are too long though.


Book Page Bird NestsYou can line the inside of the nests with leftover book page strips, using glue dots to adhere.


Book Page Bird Nests by Town and Country LivingI found an evergreen branch outside to use as the foundation for a bird nest vignette. A trip to the local Country Naturals store resulted in some cute birds to go with the book page bird nests.


Bird and Nest VignetteI don’t know which I like more … the little birds or the nests.


Bird in a PotIf you’re not particularly crafty, you can stuff a small pot with the book page strips to imitate a nest. I folded the strips accordian style before stuffing into my pot. Then simply place a bird or decorative eggs on top.


DIY Bird and Nest VignetteMy little birds and nests make me feel like spring  is truly on its way. Warmer temperatures and sunshine this week are helping too. It’s been a rough winter for most of the country.


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  1. These are absolutely adorable! So pretty and easy to make….and I will be making a few myself. Love your natural birds, never heard of the store though? Thanks for sharing and I’ve pinned it! On another post I wondered is you would share your pink porch door color…just asking!/

  2. Just adorable. I love that you used book pages for this – adds so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Two of my favorite things, birds and books! Love the idea. Have you ever made a nest with pine needles? I haven’t but thought it would be cute and realistic looking. There seems to be lots of dried needles around the base of pine trees.

  4. Those are the little birds I have ever seen and your nests are just “messy perfect” for them. I have used shredded sheet music,
    (just piled in a heap) but now I know how to weave a nest.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures