How to Make a Tobacco Basket Picture Frame in a Jiffy

What started out as a surprise for my hubby ended up being a gift for myself. It wasn’t intentional, I swear. I bought a primitive cat painting for my husband and had an a-ha moment on how to make a tobacco basket picture frame for it.

Country Style Fall Decorating


My husband is a big cat lover and I knew he’d enjoy this primitive cat print that I found on Etsy. We have a few feral cats that we took in and they’re his babies. They follow him around like the pied piper. This print reminds me of our Izzy.

Primitive Black Cat Print


Here’s a recent photo of Izzy in a basket. He’s probably our coolest cat – nonchalant and doesn’t get into any trouble. Well, no usually anyway.

Izzy the Black Cat in a Basket


So anyway, I was wandering around the house looking for a frame for the primitive cat print and glanced at one of my tobacco baskets and it hit me. It was just the right size to feature my newfound art that was a gift for hubby.

Tobacco Basket Picture Frame


This was perhaps the easiest home decor project I’ve ever done. All I did was dab some hot glue on the back corners of the print and pressed it into the middle of the basket, holding it there for several seconds to make sure it adhered. Wait for the glue to dry before hanging.

How to make a tobacco basket picture frame


And that, my friends, is how you make a tobacco basket picture frame! If you don’t want to use a vintage basket, buy a new tobacco basket that doesn’t cost as much.

Country Style Fall Decorating in Entryway

Hubby doesn’t mind that I took over his cat print. If you’re a fan of primitive art, check out Earlythings1776 on Etsy. I just ordered a couple of vintage Christmas prints for my holiday decor.


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  1. I would like your husband. We have a Shadow Doodles that looks identical to you baby. He follows my husband everywhere. Good souls.

  2. Love this idea and the cat primitive. I have used my tobacco baskets as a frame for wreaths, small arrangements in baskets,swags and even mirrors but never thought of a picture. Looks as if made for it. We have a large black tuxedo cat who always goes walking with my husband when he takes our dogs out. Ollie stays at a safe distance but always in sight. So funny.

  3. Cute and a perfect fit. I wired a Thanksgiving sign into one of mine so I can switch it out. I don’t how many guy cat lovers there are out there, but it was fun to learn that your husband, like my brother, is one of them.