How to Make Lavender Potpourri

Lavender is a nostalgic fragrance and one my favorite scents to bring into the home. As part of the Homemade Beauty and Household Product showcase, I’m going to show you how to make lavender potpourri. If you want to see more DIY beauty and home products, be sure to visit the other blogs in the showcase listed at the end of this post. And now, let me show you just how easy it is to make lavender potpourri!

How to Make Lavender PotpourriI mixed my lavender potpourri with mini pine cones and tucked it in a butterfly box.


Supplies for making homemade lavender potpourriYou don’t need a lot of supplies when making homemade lavender potpourri. Grab some lavender buds and French Lavender essential oil which you can find at Save On Crafts. The little sachet is an earlier project and is filled with just the fragrant lavender buds. I keep the sachets in my drawers. (Note – I was not paid by Save on Crafts to write this post … I just like their products!)


French Lavender Essential OilSometimes I dab some of this essential French Lavender oil on my pulse points. The scent of lavender is known to reduce stress and anxiety and can also aid in sleeping. I’ll be setting some of the lavender potpourri on the nightstand next to my bed.


Add lavender oil to lavender buds to make lavender potpourriAdd several drops of oil to the lavender buds. I used about 10 drops but if you want a stronger fragrance, use more.


How to Make Lavender PotpourriMix the lavender buds and essential oil thoroughly.

You will love the fragrance while making your homemade potpourri!


How to Make Lavender PotpourriIf you like, add mini pine cones to your potpourri. All that’s left to do is find a container.


Butterfly decoupaged boxWhen you’re not home, you can keep the lavender potpourri covered to maintain its fragrance. Stir your potpourri if you need to activate the fragrance. You can also add a couple more drops of oil.


How to make lavender potpourri and sachetsSince I had leftover potpourri, I decided to make some mini sachets.

I filled heat-sealing tea bags with potpourri and ironed the open end shut.


Lavender Potpourri SachetsI tucked a few of the sachets into organza favor bags.


Lavender Potpourri Sachet PacksAnd a few I simply tied up with a bow. These would make great party favors!


Making Lavender PotpourriAnd now you know how to make lavender potpourri!

It’s not very expensive and is so easy to make!

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  1. I love the smell of Lavender. There’s a huge Lavender farm not far from my house and I definitely need to purchase some next summer so that I can make this. All of my friends would love sachets for scenting closets and drawers.

  2. This sounds heavenly, Jennifer! I have both and am planning to make a few! Your container looks so sweet! Beautiful ideas for sharing too! Love your amazing photos,

  3. Hi Jennifer, I love lavender and would love to make some of my own sachets! May I ask where you get your lavender buds? I attempted to grow some lavender last year but never harvested any. Definitely want to experiment more this year with growing some!

  4. Lavender is one of my very favorite scents! And your packaging tips/photos are simply beautiful. I’m pinning so I can remember! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the idea and the tip on Save-On Crafts. The company does have some wonderful items, and at very reasonable cost, but my computer sure was having difficulty scanning through their products.

  6. I love the smell of lavender. And this would be great as hostess gifts, for family and friends when come visit and so much more. Great recipe.

  7. I love your lavender projects. I grew my own lavender for the first time last summer, and I have little containers of buds on display that have lost their fragrance. Now I know how to revive them. Thanks, Jennifer!

  8. What a wonderful project! I love how you used the tea bags that’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing the site Save on Crafts I’m glad I found it and your site! I love DIY and crafts.