10-Minute Floral Centerpiece

Every morning this time of year I dread waking up in the dark. I like summertime and waking up with the sun’s warm rays touching my face. But since I can’t have that right now, I’m cheering up my interior spaces with pretty flowers. Today I’m sharing how to make a 10-minute floral centerpiece. It’s nice to have quick and easy projects that put a smile on your face. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Super Easy Spring Centerpiece


Pink and white were the colors of choice, partly because Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and partly because I love the colors of pink and white.

Super Easy Spring Centerpiece


Visit your local craft store and choose a few floral stems in a variety of heights. You’ll need floral Styrofoam for the base of the centerpiece, a bit of muslin or other cotton fabric to wrap the foam, and a pretty pink ribbon.

Supplies for Spring Centerpiece


If you purchase sprays of silk flowers, you’ll need wire cutters to remove individual stems for your floral centerpiece.

Supplies for Spring Centerpiece


Take one stem and stick it into your floral cube. You’ll notice that I cut off the corners of my cubes to make the base look a little more rounded once wrapped in the fabric.

How to make a quick and easy floral centerpiece


Add your taller stems at the back of the display.

How to make a quick and easy floral centerpiece


Place the shorter stems in front, and the fuller flowers toward the middle. Try not to overthink your floral centerpiece. When you see a field of flowers, they aren’t placed perfectly, yet the field is beautiful.

How to make a quick and easy floral centerpiece


Set the Styrofoam cube in the center of a muslin square, cut to approximately 16″ x 16″. Gather up the ends loosely around the foam.

How to make a quick and easy floral centerpiece


Wrap the pink ribbon around the base of the stems and tie a pretty bow. You might need to shift the fabric a bit to make it even, or even pull the fabric out a little bit so it looks rounded and soft, instead of taut and angular.

How to make a quick and easy floral centerpiece


What’s great about working with floral stems is that they’re made of flexible wire. You can bend the stems into position, but remember not to be too particular. I think a floral centerpiece looks best when it’s not perfectly symmetrical.

Make Your Own Floral Centerpiece


My 10-minute floral centerpiece became the focal point of my kitchen table.

Make Your Own Floral Centerpiece


You might remember the pink flowered plates from my pink and white table setting.

Spring Table Setting in Pink


And lucky me … the store had a pretty pink cake!

Pink Cake for a Spring Table


You’ll find plenty of flower options at the craft store, and you can often find them on sale.

Spring Floral Centerpiece in Pink and White

These 10-minute floral centerpieces would be great for parties, showers, or even a DIY wedding. I’d love to know if you end up making one and what color flowers you choose!

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  1. Love how these arrangements go together quickly. I found I needed to add some extra weight to my foam hidden under the fabric to keep my little arrangements upright. I used a few rocks from my drive to keep things weighted down! Sweet little happy sprigs here and there!!

  2. Wow, so easy to make and such a pretty result. Thanks for sharing this simple but very effective design with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love those plates. Here’s my question where do you store all the pretty dishes ? I have seriously run out of room for any more Dishes! Well, I usually seem to find somewhere to put them ?… I love your tablescapes. Those cute valentine boxes are on my to do list.

  4. This is gorgeous and so easy, which is what I like. This would be great for a small wedding I am helping to organize, she is on a very budget and this could work for the small tables.


  5. Your floral centerpiece is lovely, Jennifer! <3 I did make a centerpiece recently ~ you'll see it over on my blog under my cream scones featured post. I had purchased a couple of bunches of light and medium pink rose stems at the craft store, cut them short with wire clippers, and tucked them into my new-to-me pink transferware teapot which was missing a lid anyway. I love how the bouquet turned out, and yes it took about ten minutes to make, maybe twenty with fluffing the rose petals.
    Have a great day,
    Barb ๐Ÿ™‚