Impressive Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are popping up all over the country as more and more people are downsizing and simplifying their lives. Small houses have a charm all their own, no matter what the style. They’re smartly designed to make the most of every square inch of space. If you’re interested in small house living, you’ll enjoy this collection of 10 tiny houses I found at Houzz.

Farmhouse Exterior by Peachtree City Architects & Building Designers Our Town Plans

Tiny houses don’t have to be plain and boring. Porches, shutters, and other architectural elements can be added to any house with a small footprint.


Rustic Exterior by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Osborne Architects

A charming red cottage has an expansive screened-in porch to enjoy lazy summer evenings.  Large rocks mix with flowering shrubs in the nearby landscape, adding to this home’s appeal.


Traditional Exterior by Bend Architects & Building Designers Homeland Design, llc

This two-story charmer reminds me of a cottage straight out of a fairy tale.


Rustic Exterior by South West Photographers Matthew Heritage Interior Photographer

A rustic cottage in the woods is called the “bird house.” Rustic logs provide the railway for the upper deck.


Crosslake General Contractors Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

This tiny house enjoys pretty views as well as an outdoor campfire area complete with Adirondack chairs and a rustic bench painted blue.


Boston General Contractors Cape Associates, Inc.

Nantucket style wraps this cozy cottage in nautical style. I think the main advantage of living in tiny houses is having less home to clean!  Every time I sweep and mop our floors, I wish we lived some place smaller.  I don’t think I’d mind cleaning this coastal home.


Traditional Exterior

Tiny houses look good in craftsman style!  I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but the DIY cable channel has a new show starting October 24th. It’s called “Tiny House, Big Living.”  I definitely want to watch it and see how people adapt to small space living.


Rustic Exterior by Marietta Home Builders Pine Mountain Builders, LLC

I think this cozy cottage might be my favorite. I love the porch, the uniform windows, the metal roof, and the flagstone walkway. My current home has a metal roof and it’s one of the many features that attracted me to it.


Eclectic Exterior by Chicago Architects & Building Designers Northworks Architects and Planners

How about this stone charmer with its simple lines?


Portland Architects & Building Designers Oregon Cottage Company

Finally, here’s a true tiny house complete with kitty to greet you at the front door. I think my claustrophobia would prohibit me from living in a house as small as this, but it might be fun to vacation in one for a few days.

Earlier this year I wrote about the Return to Small House Living where you can see more tiny homes!

Learn more about Tiny Houses with a fun book!


Collection of 10 Tiny HousesDo you think you could live in one of these tiny houses? Which one would you choose?


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  1. I’m totally obsessed with tiny houses! Thanks so much for putting this collection together – these are amazing! Coco

  2. I watched a program on tiny houses on HGTV last week. I was unaware of the phenom they are! I love numbers 1 and 5 in your offering. My family and I spend several weeks in a small house — it has two bedrooms, so I wouldn’t call it tiny — during the summers on a lake in Maine. I love the simplicity of it!

  3. I have too much “stuff”, but would love to own one just to getaway from it all. I think the craftsman style is my choice, they are all so sweet.

  4. Our youngest daughter and son-in-law want us to have a granny flat when they build or buy their next home. This is what they have in mind. We live in a two story home now and should size down and go to a single level, since we’re not getting any younger. These really are some great looking cottages but I have to get rid of a lot of “stuff” before we can do that(lol)! I enjoyed your post, Jennifer!

  5. Kim Henrichs says:

    Having a tiny house is totally my dream!!

  6. They are cute houses for sure but I think I’d go a bit stir crazy in some of them. I do like the one you chose as your favourite. It looks like an old schoolhouse to me. Our house is not big with about 1800 sq. feet of living space – just right most of the time. Thanks for sharing these. They seem to be quite popular.

  7. I like the Nantucket cottage it’s absolutely perfect!

  8. I would choose the red cottage as it is cosy the color and designed landacape blend in well wth the nature around it the lighting is type☺.followed by the two story charmer.

  9. I love 4 and 6> I hope to live in a tiny house one day , but I have a lot of un-cluttering to do until then!

  10. Larry Green says:

    The small house with the Red door, and the rock foundation.

  11. Susan Reinhart says:

    The third cottage down is actually ours. We bought the main house and cottage in 2010

    • Ashley F. says:

      I love the cottage style house. My husband and I ant a tiny house JUST like this. I wish we had the plans for it to build it

    • Martha Royston says:

      I would love to see the floor plan and some interior pics.. It’s so cute and I’m toying with the idea of a tiny house.

  12. J.Bielski says:

    I am obsessed with tiny houses. I have decided to vacation in one so I can begin my journey to Tiny House Living. I read how one woman first moved to an apartment then to a tiny house because it a “process” to downsize her possessions. I think that was a smart way to transition happily to a simpler lifestyle. Can’t wait!❤️

  13. I suspect many people start looking for a larger place after the novelty wears off. Who wants to climb a ladder up to a sleeping loft where you constantly bump your head? Who wants to live in a house with no “living room” in which to sit and read or watch TV. No I for sure. My husband and I did live in our 5th wheel RV (which had 355 sq feet. when the four slides were out) while our home was being built and during many month long trips across the US. It had a full size kitchen with oven, cook top, microwave, large refrigerator, pantry and lots of cabinets, a spacious living space with sofa and love seat, flat screen TV and a desk with storage cabinets above, a free standing dining table that could seat 5, a breakfast bar for two, a bathroom with separate toilet room and spacious shower, a bedroom with ample closets, drawers and a queen sized bed. We paid $48,000 for and sold it for $25,000 after 10 years. Most “tiny houses” lack storage space, have no oven and a tiny refrigerator, two burner cook top, and very little cabinet or counter space. Many tiny house bathrooms have no sink (you use the one in the kitchen to wash hands and brush teeth. YUCK) And the shower is miniscule! The TH has so space for a sofa or dining table. And the sleeping situation is uncomfortable and dangerous. AND there is no place to hang one’s clothing or drawers for folded items. Why would you spend $60-$75,000 for a tiny house? I think it is a fad that will soon fade when people realize how cramped they are and how little they are actually getting for their money

  14. I wonder why my post did not show up? Perhaps because I think tiny houses are completely silly?

  15. I would love to see the insides of some of these houses to see how they make use of the space. Any idea where I might be able to see some small house insides?

  16. Yes I could, If I had the money I would buy the fairy tail home.

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